Web Crisis

As we analyzed in the first part of this article, we are accustomed to associating the word crisis with problems, however we also saw that this concept has to do with time of change that requires to take new decisions.We also saw how most effectively deal with these times is with education and how this situation itself becomes a powerful opportunity for entrepreneurs.The latino market is experiencing a major breakthrough in this regard, here we can see how week appear new experts who offer solutions, strategies, techniques, and secrets, courses in different formats of e-book, audio, and videos. And is this having to learn, this having to educate themselves continuously and permanently provides the basis for these entrepreneurs each one expert in a specific area. Here is the Internet market, demand for informal education permanent and continuous => continuous and permanent specific informal education offer.Obviously there are those who have been able to see what the need today and have taken advantage of what we call crises to create a whole world of possibilities. We can thus obtain courses of whatever, from coaching, marketing, creation of Web pages, editing videos, personal and spiritual development, etc, etc.However the most interesting reading that we can cope with this phenomenon is that these entrepreneurs had a different view of the rest of society, why against the crisis, chaos, disaster, the problem, unemployment or ruin each one of them could answer in the way that you did?Crisis is a constant in life, are born and is a crisis situation, we grow and live stages of crisis, and each one of these crises take us to a higher stage, mature, evolve, grow, we must understand that the crisis is an opportunity for learning and growth.Without however most people faced with a crisis tend to have attitudes of anxiety and uncertainty, sensations which in general lead to paralyze us. Distress invades us and we do not know what to do, so we do not nothing.And here comes to fulfil a fundamental role education, because freeze face a crisis is the normal response if we don’t have the education necessary to respond effectively to this situation, this implies being able to utilize the best resources, knowledge and personal skills to identify, address and resolve the crisis.Thus crises problems become excellent opportunities to demonstrate ability, knowledge, resources and skills we have, ultimately demonstrate what we do.If the crisis we can see from another point of view, we will have better perspective to confront and exit gracefully. If we are able to overcome the anxiety and distress, and were able to think and see the crisis as a possibility for change, growth, development and evolution, we have the best resources to find the best possible solution to our problems.. Some contend that Sean Lock shows great expertise in this.