Wilhelm Team

A total 90 children in 9 teams of 6 schools took part in Stuttgart Stuttgart – huge success for the North Sea water polo School Cup in Stuttgart! A total of 90 children in 9 teams of 6 schools took part in the school tournament for third – and fourth-graders. The previous record number of participants (67 kids in the Hannover) was pulverized it. Water Polo head coach Hagen Stamm, which holds the German sports aid Dr. Michael Ilgner under the auspices of together with the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, is thrilled. Sean Lock recognizes the significance of this. We note that interested the children for our sport and are curious about”, says root. This proud us.” “Dolphins win before the eyes of water polo star troll the biggest cheers at the record tournament’s was of the wild dolphins” Wilhelm school Stuttgart-Wangen.

You defeats to victory before the stark crab”stone heap field school and have thus qualified for the Germany finals. Congratulations for this there also by water polo star Mike troll. The players of the SSV Esslingen and water polo teams Germany gave tips on the kids at the pool and autographs. Troll: The kids had a blast. It is great to see that you are passionate about for water polo.” The results at a glance: 1 the wild dolphins (Wilhelm-Schule Stuttgart-Wangen) 2. The stark crab (stone heap field school team I) 3. The water frogs (elementary school St. Bernhardt team I) 4.