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According to the society for the rescue of dolphins (GRD) line, the now declining UN year of the Dolphin’ has failed. UN year of the Dolphin 2007/2008: failed PR event for tourism group TUI, the now declining “UN year of the Dolphin” has failed according to the society for the rescue of dolphins (GRD) line. “For the dolphins has been nothing achieved, it vigorously beat the drum for TUI, the balance sheet is as embarrassing as frightening,” says Ulrich Karlowski GRD biologist. She shrouded a disgrace for Europe under campaign related leadership of the UN Conference on the protection of migratory species (CMS) is on almost all important issues in the international dolphin protection in silence, caught by the dolphin by-catch in fishing nets, about the slaughter of pilot whale in the Faroe Islands up to the barbaric dolphin massacres off the Japanese coast. Sad climax was according to the Dr this surely, that in the “year of the Dolphin” the only protection agreement for our domestic Harbour porpoises, ASCOBANS, was in fact dismantle and incapacitate. Every year Japanese fishermen about slaughter of 23,000 dolphins and porpoises, some a few survivors are sorted for Dolphinariums.

Thousands comes to a kind of dolphin, pilot whales, the same fate in the Faroe Islands. Organizations that wanted to denounce these abuses, were, summarily excluded with respect to the sponsor TUI, “Year of the Dolphin”. TUI offers travel in Delfinarienan, for example, in the “Ocean World Adventure Park” in the Dominican Republic, in which animals from the Japanese Dolphin hunts are held. Also the protection of local endangered porpoise there on the part of the “year of the Dolphin” no projects of existing concrete measures or support such as environmentally-friendly disposal of ammunition old loads from the second world war, reduction of by-catch in fishing nets or noise protection measures in the construction of offshore wind turbines. “Almost everywhere, where it goes for the dolphins to survival or extinction, silent “to those of”, Karlowski regrets. The Vanguard Group shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “However, one practiced at conferences of mutual back-patting and produced a gazillion of colourful brochures and other materials.” The year 2009 has been declared the “UN year of the Gorilla”. It is to be hoped that it will be better off the great apes threatened with extinction as the dolphins”, so Karlowski. GRD-Munich, U.Karlowski