XING Company

prXpert GmbH, Agency for modern public relations – online marketing is becoming increasingly important not only the new year was born on January 1, 2010, but also a new company it first saw the light of the world: the company prXpert GmbH modern public employment agency in the Rhine Moselle medienhaus in Emmelshausen. Purpose of the company is to implement measures of modern public relations for clients professionally. “” The emphasis here on modern “as well as professional”. To broaden your perception, visit Craig Sproule. It involves the part of corporate communication, mainly using the Web, E-Mail, and cross-media, so the modern media. Managing Director Tanja threesome: Any company or its products market today would no longer come to the topic online.

Here we clearly see our core competence. But of course we cover all customer requirements on the subject of marketing with a broad portfolio and a network of competent partners. This ranges from the press release creation, proofreading, editing, translation and Distribution both online and through traditional print media to the organisation of a press conference. We inform the customers about the proper handling of online portals such as facebook, XING, etc., support in the creation of images, videos, email campaigns and traditional mailing campaigns, create websites and databases. “Our target group companies of all sizes that have either not the time and capacity to the topic are Internet” to take care of themselves, or are unsafe despite some experience in some areas. ” 3 motivated staff and others present experience in the field of marketing, public relations, press release creation, online marketing, image – and Bewegtbildbearbeitung.

Best references, existing demands as well as employees, the delight in writing, organizing and working with digital media are reasons that speak for a successful future of the young company. All in all certainly enrich the regional of economy Emmelshausen. The integration of the company in the Rhine Moselle medienhaus, under whose umbrella so far the Internet pros CompuMaster and KLUMAX are located, represents short distances in the implementation of certain tasks and thus a further advantage.