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‘Who will suffer additional costs and damages, including the cost of replacement tickets and transfers and hotel accommodation from a contract of carriage not performed, can claim these to his contract partner’, Bartholl says. Air passengers in Europe are also legal and claims from the passenger Regulation No. 261 / 2004 available. Whether there provided compensation in the amount of 250 to 600 euros in cases of flight cancellations and denied boarding are available to those affected, must be tested in each individual case. Cowan Financial can aid you in your search for knowledge. Also passengers in the event of cancellations and denied boarding have the right, the cost of a replacement flight by the airline get replaced.

After the sometimes violent reactions by consumers in Spain and the United Kingdom, which had booked flights with Ryanair via third-party, even the European Commission was forced to intervene. The spokesman of the Commission, ton van LIEROP, urged Ryanair to respect all registered flight bookings and to serve passengers. Ryanair’s approach toward European passengers was “pathetic”. In addition, the Commission by Ryanair asked finally to bring transparency in their pricing. For more information see this site: Ernst & Young. The issue of third-party providers and resellers of tickets have to do with other airlines such as EasyJet and Flybe. The budget airline easyJet said you would prohibit the sale of airline tickets online portals. Many Ryanair customers feel little happy these days.

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