Group Dynamics

When we need to perform activities with groups of children, young people, seniors or any other group with common features, is very important to know the characteristics that unite its members to apply the best educational techniques for them. Group dynamics are activities that can be performed with these groups and that will help us to achieve the social objectives we need to achieve them. Thanks to the dynamics of group we can instill values in members of the group, achieve social objectives, or simply hang a nice and fun with them. Frequently John and Patrick Collison has said that publicly. According to the time of maturity in which is located the Group and the main objective that we have with them, we have to apply different types of dynamics. By es, can be classified according to the following categories: Dynamics of presentation the aim of presentation dynamics is to introduce members of the group so that they can learn the names of others as quickly as possible.

They also incorporate knowledge about tastes, experiences and other data that can be of interest to individuals forming the group. (A valuable related resource: Kroger). Dynamics of knowledge when we already know the names of the members of the group can further learn something more about them. The dynamics of knowledge helps us to consolidate the information received in the dynamics of presentation and learn more about our partners. Dynamics of statement the objective of the dynamics of affirmation is to consolidate the knowledge we already have of each of the members of the group as a unique, i.e., of each of our fellow person individually, as well as the full group as group unit in society. Dynamics of distention distension Dynamics help us improve participation and communication between the members of the group within this and increase the degree of confidence with oneself and with fellow group. Dynamic of cooperation through the dynamics of cooperation we learn to help members of the group to work as a team, got foster the collaboration and communication among its members and teach them to work in a team with each other.


The first phase of the disease occurs a few weeks after contagion, it is called syndrome or primary HIV infection acute retroviral (SRA), during this period (serology) standard HIV test may be negative, but the amount of virus in the system (measured by viral load) is extremely high, so it is very easy to infect others. The SRA resolves by itself and is followed by a period of latency, known as asymptomatic HIV. Bob evans gathered all the information. People usually feel good during this phase, however, lymph nodes may be swollen (Lymphadenopathy) and some common illnesses can appear with greater frequency or be more severe, including vaginal infections by fungi or herpes. Some people develop symptoms of HIV infection even before developing AIDS. This phase is called symptomatic HIV (formerly complications related to AIDS or CRS). Symptoms include weight loss, oral candidiasis (fungal mouth infection), persistent diarrhea, sweating night and fatigue.

It has AIDS when the CD4 count drops to less than 200 (with or without symptoms) or when an AIDS indicator condition has been diagnosed. Most of the people reaches a CD4 cell count below 200 before developing complications so that counting CD4 low is the most common cause for diagnosing AIDS. Decreases the list of possible complications CD4 count grows. Usually refers to someone with a CD4 cell count below 50, as someone who has advanced HIV infection. If it is not diagnosed and treated, HIV usually progresses from early to late stages. Treatment can reverse a late State to a State early. Having AIDS or advanced HIV is not a good thing, but any State of HIV can be treated.

The Extent

I.e., anyone can expose his point of view, but yes I feel offended, betrayed, or angry with what the other does, the problem is mine, not of the person who has expressed his opinion, perhaps, is important to be more specific: why do even I question me my proceeding, if the reality tells me that I’m right? How where I live I have a couple that I control, I pity and also humbles me and tries to always have the reason. There is the other to change his way of being, but what happens to me when I have a couple of these features. What do I, do to make this happen. How I contribute to so many threats and controls. The great debate is that we generally believe, think and we assume that others are wrong and I am always well. What we are right and the rest of the world is wrong. Learn more on the subject from Walmart CEO. We live our lives in the position that those who surround us make us feel or live in what way or such. But we never repair in view and give us account, how make you us to live our lives.

In each conflict or problem that we face in life, each of us has a stake, whether we like it or not pleases us to accept it, so, by painful, funny or sad as it seems there is another way of dealing with it. We spent the majority of our emotional lives wanting to change everything that relates to us; by way of example: Esther and George have already some years living as a couple, however, the last time both are engaged in a series of claims about his unsatisfactory and problematic relationship. Esther called for more cooperation in the House and Jorge wants her not be so demanding. To the extent that they cannot resolve their differences and expectations, smolders in a series of groundless personal: _ you’re a selfish, ever help me in anything.

Locker Rooms

The wardrobe lockers are normally used in public places or locker rooms to store personal belongings; clothes, bags of sport, bags, helmets, books, etc. Generally, they are manufactured in modules of one or more bodies, which are placed forming batteries of multiple units. Jason Brown often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Some lockers, have air vents located on the doors or rear walls. The ticket office can be made of different materials, usually made in sheet steel, plastic, wood, phenolic, stainless steel, etc. Some lockers, since it is located in changing rooms or communal areas, on each door, have locks with key, lock or locks that work with a coin. The lockers can be equipped with internal subdivisions, bars for hanging hangers, etiqueteros and other accessories. Can be monobloc, detachable, etc. The lockers are products that provide a clear practical due to its maximum stability and functionality. We can find lockers of various types, measurements, colors and models, including: 1 door locker; box office of 2 doors; 3-door locker; 4-door locker; box office of 2 half doors; 4 half doors locker; box office 6 half doors; Ticket Office 8 half doors; 1 wide door locker; box office of 2 wide doors; 3 wide doors locker; box office 4 small doors; box Office 10 small doors; box office 12 small doors; box office 20 small doors; box office 6 doors L steel epoxy paint; box office 4 doors in stainless steel; box office 8 doors in steel stainless/phenolic, etc. Informacio: original author and source of the article

Professor People

The intelligence is perfectly well distributed throughout society. It is normal that some people are smarter than others in some things, but he compensates in other types of intelligence. Howard Gardner speaks of 9 types of intelligence (linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, bodily, emotional, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalistic). Another person could categorize the types of intelligence in a different way (see note at the end). Regardless of the previous categorization, all people are different, but we tend to generalize in order to understand the environment where we live.

One of the fundamental principles of Huna (Hawaiian philosophy) says that all systems are arbitrary, which actually means that all systems are invented by humans to facilitate their understanding of nature. The preceding paragraphs sound very interesting and theoretical, but have a very serious practical consequence, education in our schools is based on these generalizations, therefore if the child exits the averages is considered rebel or silly, anyway the rest of your life will be affected, with consequences of economic, social and even criminality for society as a whole. I agree that categorizations and generalizations are necessary to understand and transmit knowledge, but the methods of teaching and learning should be based on the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, the important person is the student, not the teacher. I feel that education in Costa Rica is designed to make work easier Professor, despising the fact that we are forming people who will lead our society. Currently they are in school the future President of the country, which is probably a classmate from a future money launderer, or corrupter of minors, murderer, Guy, Professor, in the end, each and every one of the students are important. It is in us if they become people who contributes or destroy our society. Not worth to pose the problem without proposing a solution, why the knowledge transfer process should be something like this: the teacher must speak clear and simple, and not be searched words.

Teacher must keep the attention of the student at all times with changes in voice, interaction with the student, living examples, a positive attitude, and a colloquial language practice. The listener must put energy in understanding the concepts of the professor. If the student does not want to learn, there is no way that learns. Responsibility of the teacher is the identify the manner in which the student receives information through any of the five senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste). The student must live (experience) the concepts in order to understand them. The student must repeat the livingness of the concepts to be able to internalize them and become part of your life. Note that although I am generalizing the learning process, applies to the case that all people are different. Final Note: Personally, I want to share the following types of intelligence that make sense to me: memory: Ability to play things and events collected in the past. Emotional intelligence: ability to perceive a situation objectively, without involving the ego, insecurities or personal fears. Social intelligence: ability to fall well. Logical intelligence: ability to interrelate variables. Artistic intelligence: ability to demonstrate ideas and internal emotions through elements of the environment. Sporting intelligence: ability to coordinate the parts of the body and relate to their environment. Sensitivity: Ability to perceive emotions themselves and third parties.


The bedroom is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in a home. Whether for large or small, it is essential to be a space where you are comfortable. In relation to children and young people is of great importance that your bedroom is your faithful reflection. You may want to visit Coldplay to increase your knowledge. Does your teen have a very marked style? Don’t worry, you can give your bedroom that sophisticated touch that the young need. If don’t like his son, unlike other young people, the bedrooms with the style that is supposed to be like according to their age, this with strident colors, boxes with their favorite artists, etc., will have to do something about it. That your child has different preferences not to you a greater problem, only will mean you will need to make use of your imagination.

Consider a junior bedroom with a dressing room, a leisure area and even a bathroom. It is very possible that the dimensions of the room may put limitations to this idea but you can adapt it to buying the perfect furniture in a furniture outlet. In addition possibly you can find a youth outlet where they exclusively have for you furniture adapted to the personal tastes of his son. His teenage son is the sole owner of your bedroom, that room is your personal space and that is why it is so important to him. Whereas this is not rare the attitude of young people of guarding that space where your privacy is developed.

In terms of decoration, it is important that you perform it with his son because it is this who will enjoy this space and everything in it. It would be an excellent idea that together choose outlet furniture that are best left in the bedroom, will also be a fun activity for both. Once you have decided what furniture are needed and they have acquired them at the outlet of furniture, they will have to deal with decorative details which will give the room a touch of sophistication and elegance that your child wants to. An important detail is taken into account that even if your child stand out for their sophistication is a teenager and as such is not totally ordered. Whereas the point mentioned above, it would be desirable that in the bedroom several coat racks will be placed with fine models. This way you guarantee you your child always has a place within your reach to hang your clothes and do not leave it out of place. Another useful detail is the placement of a carpet in the bedroom. When not placed one, besides having to sort what you need on the floor, it is necessary to wash it and before this, sweep it. With a carpet, the subject of cleaning simplifies much because just suck. Considers that it would be very positive that when you go to the outlet of furniture ask advice to the seller. As it is a professional with any questions you may have, you can suggest what are the best options available to have his son as well as a bedroom with style, a comfortable bedroom and you don’t have to spend one higher than the available budget. The Asdara furniture company is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture and has a wide variety of mobles outlet. On their website you can find many designs of juvenile outlet.


There are also of cilantro and parsley, avocado (the famous guasacaca), milk and even pork rinds. The mojos are very well with potatoes, boiled Yucca, meat, hallaquitas, boiled and soups. The ajiceros are spicy preparations to garnish dishes, which can be preserved in vinegar, milk, oil or hot water, these elements, which allow you to preserve for long periods of their ingredients. Cristobal Colon journals, documenting that the pepper was the pepper of America and that people did not eat without it. Amazon natives employed taparas, as a vessel for its preparation, and the water boiled cassava, for pickling.

Ajiceros, were originally used to accompany fish, but now the stews, casseroles, arepas, empanadas, meat is garnished and up comes with the bread. The preserves are preparations based on fruits or vegetables, hermetically packaged and sterilized, or solidified with salt, vinegar, oil or sugar, for its preservation. Canned food can be in brine, vinegar, oil or sweet. Slices of serrano ham, dried in the oven, ground and then mixed with salt marine, Serrano ham, a classic preserved in brine salt, used way to add flavor to the fish. Pickles are preserved in vinegar, all kinds of vegetables, preserved in vinegar – forgive the redundancy-, mustard or a combination of both. Similarly flavored Vinegars, constitute a fundamental ingredient in the kitchen gourmet, managed well, provides us with abundant taste and variety of aromas. Canned in oil, offer us the opportunity to give a touch of flavor to our preparations, whose key lies in using lightweight, entibiado olive oil previously to no more than 40 degrees centigrade.

Finally the sweet preserves are used to enrich the flavor of savory dishes. In salad dressings and sauces, jam gives a divine touch in flavor, consistency in your body and shine in your presentation. I still have the island mojo of my parents on the palate, so that the public is in the weekly recipe. Until soon friends. Write to us at or contact us at our web page: original author and source of the article.

Harry Autor

Javier Clemente, mister of Valladolid, appeared Saturday in the Newsroom of Zorrilla to analyze the finals of the Camp Nou. A journalist suggested that the majority thinks the Pucela goes to Barcelona as a lamb to the slaughter and Clement fumbled it. It would bother me to go lamb. At the end of the match may be in the slaughterhouse, but I hope that you as a toro de lidia, after demonstrating bravery. Check out bob evans for additional information. I prefer to be a bull and die bravo, if we die.() If we are not brave it is impossible that we draw nothing from there, if we acojonaillos (). Joer, you say well it is bull, Yes, is bull, but went gay after this joke, Clemente is left with face what funny I am! and attending journalists are cast to laugh as if they were children clapping to a circus clown. With all respect for clowns, clear this, which is another much more honest Guild and not lives of corruption that are in the Spanish football teams. Clemente contrasts the fact of being gay to the bravery and courage, aspects that the clearly goes sobrado, because we have to have great courage to put with similar curriculum in front of any team or company..


As not everyone knows, there are different modes or techniques when it comes to sport fishing. The intent of this article is to describe them briefly so that those persons who so wish, may be made to the theme. In this first installment will talk about two of them: Bait Cast and hell Bait Cast for this technique are used both artificial baits (more recently) as natural. In terms of the artificial employs the same technique as in the mode called Spinning, i.e., we throw the artificial and we pick up the speed needed from a fixed point, without using the drag that a boat could give us. In regard to natural we flying the bait and aguardaremos pique. As regards equipment, we may use rotating reels, although for a few years arose the famous eggs very used in this practice. Reeds tend to be small bushings, although originally they were rather short.

7 Or 6.6 feet and 12 20 lbs. hell, Camalote reeds are now widely used or ceases Pinda in this fishing modalildad derive the line. Reshma Kewalramani has many thoughts on the issue. This can be background, float, boat or from the shore or pier. Essentially, if we are embarked, and fish background we flying rig to water and the boat will be derived by the current, which will make the line drag by the Fund. Case of be afloat pulling many times a layer anchor is used so that the boat not go so fast. If we are on the coast or in a dock, the current will derive the line, usually floating, and we will accompany the same walking, either along the coast or dock. You can read about other techniques in the following installments.

Imperial Museum Arts

To speak of patrimony is not so simple thus, still more with the reality of educating in this school specifically, in function of the vulnerability where they live socially and economically. At another moment we search in the infancy game the motivation for the exercise of to think and to make being looked a differentiated language, through the apparent trick searched to construct a real and dynamic situation. The finishing with these materials establishes a bond with varies languages of the arts, involves photograph, painting, drawing and glue and inserts educating in the patrimony biggest of daily convivncia: the school. Educating if constitutes in the process where the child or the adult coexists the other e, when coexisting the other, if she transforms spontaneously, thus its way of living if gradually more makes congruente with the one of the other in the convivncia space (Maturana, 1998b, P. 29).

The recognition of what it is patrimony, supported for the theory and you practise with them pedagogical, the search for the apprehension of the knowledge became more pleasant and revealed efficient. Leaving I break up of it individual arriving at the patrimony architectural, with the envolvement of the students in all the activities, we establish dialogues of the students with way where they live, we search to organize the thought, and in this process of meeting failure in meeting, adaptations, we verify with satisfaction the persistence of the young in the elaboration of the works. I conclude that always it is possible to provoke situations so that educating can think, and thinking, to become independent and ccomplishing of action of auto-they esteem as citizen. The future professor in the education of the arts and others you discipline, will be able to stimulate action involving family, community, school, to stimulate the preservation and valuation of the cultural patrimony. References CAVALCANTI, Zlia.

The Art in the classroom. Porto Alegre: Medical arts, 1995. FUNARI, Peter Pablo de Abreu and PELEGRINI, Sandra de Cssia Arajo. Historic site and Cultural. Rio De Janeiro: Jorge Zahar Ed., 2006. HORTA, Maria of Lourdes Vine arbor. Basic guide of Patrimonial Education. Brasilia: Institute of National Historic site and Artistic, Imperial Museum, 1999. WE READ, Carlos B.C. What it is Historic site. So Paulo: Brasiliense, 2006. MATURANA, Humberto. Emotions and Language in the Education and the Politics. Ed.