Merry Concert

On June 2, 2011, at 4: 00 on the Lake stage in the Elbe floodplain Park Merry concert for the whole family with Gerhard Schone and musicians Magdeburg / 15.04.2011 – one of the great songwriters of in Germany is on Thursday, June 02, 2011 station in Magdeburg Elbe floodplain Park. Gerhard Schone comes on the Seebuhne and brings his musicians, to spend a Merry thoughtful afternoon together with his audience. “In the baggage he brought his program Jule never washes himself” and later congratulates its visitors to the children’s day. “Exciting journey through the world of the song the most children and parents know the chorus of the title song and can sing with him without thinking: because Jule never washes himself!” Whole families can memorize the story of a girl of who is not washing. Grace Venverloh: the source for more info. In this sense, Gerhard Schone with with familiar and less familiar songs wants to take guests on a journey through the exciting world of his songs. The popular singer-songwriter brings children and adults with more than 30 years Sung Word his world and views closer, even after more than 30 recordings and not closing it song books, CDs and videos still long. The popularity of the Meisseners has survived even the turbulence in the politics of the 1990s. Under the open sky can visitors on the Lake stage in the Elbe floodplain Park relaxed in a completely different world kidnap Magdeburg and take a small break from the daily routine. Jon Venverloh will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Gerhard beautiful texts offer obvious not only fun, but also melancholic sensitive moments and enough potential to think. Ticket prices in advance, including fees: adults: 18,85; 16.45; 12.85; 10.45 children up to 12 years: 12.85; 11.65; 9.25; 6,85 for the companion of a wheelchair with brand B in the Passport, admission is free. Tickets for wheelchair seats only at Magdeburg ticket available, Tel. 0391 533480. 2 hours before the event can already be visited the Park. 1 hour ago Start of the event is inlet to the Lake stage. You will receive tickets at Magdeburg ticket, phone 0391 5334-80 and in all, closed nationwide in the CTS eventim sales points. More information can be found at or by telephone under 0391 5934-50 available.

Michael Blankertz Project

IT market Riesenberg pushes made by projects on Hamburg, may 5, 2009. The market monitor published today for the 13th time Hamburg project Exchange showing that the crisis-related reluctance to invest further dampens the IT project business. The need for professionals in all areas is further decreased compared to the previous month. In April, this affects demand for SAP professionals. After a good start to the year for SAP projects, which can be explained by seasonal-related needs, the projects required for project work for SAP experts fell from March to April by about 30 percent. This SAP consultant Michael Blankertz of Raubling, advising mainly medium-sized companies for over 15 years: businesses think too short-term. Many projects which entail development effort will be stopped at the moment.

That these but in the medium and long term increase the competitiveness and efficiency of a company is ignored often completely. Also tasks on internal forces are often transfer, this somehow, but certainly not like an experienced SAP man solve. Nice to have projects be deleted completely.” Months ago, market researchers like Gartner estimated the framework conditions for a short-term improvement in the situation as unfavourable. Read additional details here: Grace Venverloh. Now, even the company itself for the most part have advocated a cut in the budget. This showed a study presented March of this year the Handelsblatt and the consultancy DROEGE. Companies can start projects at this time and secure a competitive advantage.

These market experts Blankertz: the conditions are favorable. There are many IT specialists. The work is Yes, but moves at the moment and the projects continue pile up to the giant mountains. “I’m sure: it those are who the nose forward now to solve their problems.” About project work project work, was founded in 1999 and today is Germany’s leading project Exchange on the Internet. Under, it offers all participants of the flexible Labour market a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects, as well as for the marketing of own services. The offer is aimed at the generation work 2.0 in particular at companies, freelancers and agencies. Over 1,000 projects and several hundred profiles will be published monthly.

Gumm Seminar

Sylke Forester provides entrepreneurs and managers the tools for their professional success fully and with special passion In auto racing, it’s similar in senior management positions: the number of female protagonists is rather scarce. Sylke Forster, which has brought it up in the top management of a global corporation, wants with their project FrauenMacht”remedy is here. Her motivation: she looked always ambitious and highly qualified women who carried great potential for a leadership position in during her successful career. Really at the top, but only a few make it what but according to Sylke Forester rarely due to external circumstances, for very frequently in inner blockades is. What does Sylke Forester in the hand, she is from and with passion. “” Not only that they play by the rules “and instruments” of power from his own experience closely acquainted with.

Their top ten years of experience in coaching executives Based on their training in the U.S.A and u.k. and her expertise as a manager of complex and international projects. “This indispensable partnership treasure” she want to with their peers with on the way to their own pole position as a successful entrepreneur and Manager. Sean Lock can provide more clarity in the matter. (M) make women! Career plan “is therefore also their motto. As a result, there is also no glass ceiling on the way up, but mostly even created obstacles, which applies to overcome it with knowledge, skill and some courage for the lively success woman.

And the problem of premature abandonment: career planning, management, leadership or rhetoric mediocrity is unacceptable, if women want to be more successful than the average! “” Her but also lies at the heart that just women not as victims “the situation or even a man’s world” see, but learn to take what is available to them and to live what they want. And hence in a still often men world certain to succeed without its own Authenticity to lose or even having to bend. Sylke Forester seminars operated sophisticated fine tuning, and the qualifying practice. “” “” The seminars: objectives create awareness set the visible will impressively present strategically negotiate convincingly currently occur in the program of the FrauenMacht seminar series career check-in “: the Central career planning seminar” with the modules of management & leadership “or presenting & negotiating” as more complementary offers. Who wants to perfect his appearance then still visually, can acquire styling, Cornelia Gumm, the necessary know-how in the complementary seminar of the well-known expert in business. All day seminars are convenient and central to reach place in the Congress Centre MUNICON at Munich Airport. A real highlight is the 4-day intensive seminar FrauenMacht – women on the pole”in the Luxury Spa Hotel Schloss Elmau. An excellent management and leadership training designed by women for women, the as a holistic concept covers all aspects of success. “” The units on the topics of body language”(with the expert Monika Matschnig), business styling” (Cornelia Gumm) and healthy lifestyle “(Dr. Imke King) the seminar participants receive excellent tools for their own personal path to success at hand, the also right with an exclusive relaxation and pampering can be connected. The ideal basis for women who start want to right now!

Lisa Neumann University

The trials and tribulations of carers during humanity grows older and the medical facilities are getting better, the number of exhausted nurses is growing. Many feel overwhelmed with the care and too little support. This fortunately more and more Germans to the care in their own homes decide. This topic only on the edge is handled by the politics and the society. Which wishes people, who take care of their families, and why they are not uncommon to the sickness, said the financial portal

Overall, approximately ten million people in Germany suffer from a chronic illness. To the most common include diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Because the outbreak of such a disease not unbednigt only occurs in old age, employees should take out insurance in case of disability ( berufsunfaehigkeit.html). The charitable Centre for Quality (ZQP) within the framework of a study has dealt with the needs of members. Although the trend towards the domestic supply, too little attention is paid to the nurses in the public? It is therefore not surprising that most of the 250 respondents hope for more support from the outside. Often, women who are entrusted in three-quarters of the cases with the care, worry about the connection between work and family.

Men who take care of their families, feel overwhelmed, however, more professionally. Many responsible people, the stress leads to physical and mental illnesses. Often they suffer from insomnia, mood swings, high blood pressure or headaches.

Windows Plastic

modern plastic Windows help conserve energy and shut out noise. Traffic noise and other noise in our cities are constantly increasing. Depending on the location of your own home or his own house one is exposed to a permanent noise setting. Plastic window Berlin remedy. With a double – or triple-glazed, they ensure that the noise stays out. Especially at night, when noise is most perceived, closed plastic Windows are paying off. Because they shut out the noise and ensure a peaceful and restful sleep without errors.

The choice of modern plastic Windows is large: there are many different frame colours, even in wood or metal look. So they adapt to any architectural style: by classical vintage to modern construction. A good closing mechanism is almost as important as the multiple glazing. Because the frame may be gateway to unwanted noise. The best you can be when choosing the appropriate window of professionals advice for plastic window Berlin. Because window purchase is to measure, when it arrives on quality goods.

Everything must fit perfectly so that the noise level is as low as possible. By the way, plastic Windows are interesting also for energy saving reasons. The more isolated the frame and you have more layers of glass, the less heating volume is necessary. Because well-insulated modern plastic Windows, just much less heat to escape than, for example, through the years lost simple glazing. The investment in multiple glazing worth immediately: at the next creation of heating bills savings set. Special glazing supports this trend. By the way, there are plastic window Berlin, which come out without wings. At least visually. A special technology ensures a generous impression that wings are virtually invisible and convey. The construction principle also allows more light from the outside inward, which pays for itself especially in dark rooms. On top of that appear elegant and exceptionally wingless window for a perfect combination of outer and inner world. Each property can be enhance.

Interior Hamburg

Hamburg, June 23, 2010 the ZEBAU GmbH continues the successful North German passive House Conference with editorials and product exhibition in Neumunster on September 1, 2010. Hamburg, June 23, 2010 the ZEBAU GmbH continues the successful North German passive House Conference with editorials and product exhibition in Neumunster on September 1, 2010. After the great success of the 1st North German passive House Conference, in March 2009 in Hamburg, the 2nd North German passive House Conference 2010 is the prelude of fair nordbau fair in Neumunster City Hall. A broad and up-to-date topic spectrum promises to inform architects, engineers, representatives from politics, administration and housing companies and the interested public about innovative building: on the experience of passive houses and the future building standards focus on the morning of the North German passive House Conference. The further development of housing in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein discuss representatives of economy, administration and Policy. The event is an important contribution to the increase in the acceptance of passive houses and informed the audience of the afternoon program in three parallel forums on the latest developments of the funding, the technical components and materials and passive house certification. From North Germany many renovation and new building projects in the passive house standard introduces schools to the supermarket – from single – and multiple dwelling, offices. Then there is the opportunity to visit the exhibitors Forum “The future of innovative building materials” starting with a motivational speech about the latest findings of the EIFS.

More passive house materials are available in a panel session with the present industry partners of the exhibition to the discussion. Many product manufacturers from the areas of ventilation, insulation, window construction and consulting firms guests throughout the day in an accompanying exhibition for questions and suggestions about the site. Including the companies AEREX Haustechnik GmbH, DEUTSCHE ROCKWOOL mineral wool GmbH & co. OHG, green lighting GmbH, Hamburg Institute of housing credit, Porextherm Dammstoffe GmbH, REHAU AG + Co, Roto roof and solar technology GmbH, IBA Hamburg GmbH, Knauf Insulation GmbH, Schock components GmbH, Vitramo GmbH, Nilan Germany GmbH, Sto AG, Helios Ventilatoren GmbH + Co and VELUX Germany GmbH. Pro participation in the 2nd North German passive House Conference included a fair free tickets for nordbau fair, which can then be redeemed from 2 to 7 September 2010 in Neumunster. The registration ZEBAU GmbH offers a discounted registration fee until July 31, 2010. Organizers of the 2nd North German passive House Conference is the ZEBAU GmbH in cooperation with the Innovation Foundation of Schleswig-Holstein and support of the Ministry of the Interior of Schleswig-Holstein, the initiative work and climate protection of the authority for urban development and environment of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg the Hamburg Chamber of architects, the fair nordbau fair and many other partners of the passive house building.

Plastics For Baby Products?

Is plastic suitable for the production of baby supplies? Children are our future. Products used by children, can withstand so demanding. The question of what is safe for the health of the child and what you especially should pay attention to often. Long time plastics had a bad reputation what went on their compatibility. However, if important criteria in the production are observed, then, that plastic can very well be an ideal raw material for baby products.

The raw materials for plastics are today gently and frequently tested. Plastic products suited especially so as the material for the manufacture of baby articles, because they are hygienic, easy to clean, and very stable. Of the material the plastic through improved production techniques and a huge appreciation of raw materials has become for boxes and stacking containers long a varied and functional raw materials for all workspaces. In the injection moulding process can all common thermoplastics are individually processed to elegant and practical articles of any kind. Whether for household, operating and storage facilities or occupational safety and health is completely beside the point here. Shelving systems are possible, such as hooks and special detail solutions.

Hygiene, flexibility, durability, stability – these are the properties of the plastic that speak for the manufacture of baby articles. It is beautiful to the eye, a large shapes and colours is possible with plastics. When it comes to children, the quality of each individual product is particularly important. See more detailed opinions by reading what Susie Dent offers on the topic.. In addition to the raw materials, therefore also the finished products must go through strict control. In addition, production and transport processes should be aligned on sustainability. Include the durability of the products as well as what is being done by the various companies for environmental protection. A reduction of transport example way, is made possible by an efficient and sophisticated Storage in the operation, a material harming production is supported by a functioning recycling processes, which should be performed ideally as much as possible in our own factory. Interested in a company so for the environment and their future, it proves also a going deeper interest in the future of the rising generation. Sandra Broosch

Problems Away Play

Interview with actress Daniela March & ETGZ head Siegfried Steiger the musical subjects and hence the theatre games, where ideally, various musical disciplines come together, are generally positive on the academic and personal development of a child or young people from an interview with the TV actress Daniela Marz and Siegfried Steiger, Director of the experimental theatre of Gunzburg: together out of the shadows, affecting, for example, concerning promotion of self-consciousness skip why, explains Siegfried Steiger, Director of studies and head of German at the Maria-Ward-Gymnasium in Gunzburg, founder and Director of the experimental theatre of Gunzburg, so: the works by children and young people by way of a role in which they may hatch, move away from the own body and language behavior and can win confidence at the same time. This sounds abstract, but is easily explained with an example. Under most conditions patrick mayberry would agree. Can for a shy student about the choice of the Body shadow theatre will be enormously helpful. With a linen cloth as a medium between actor and audience moves, so the actor of even less in the Center.” Is also influenced the social competence, because acting means teamwork. All tasks of the mask over the prop to the technology are equally important.

What good is the best actor on the stage, when he stands in the dark? “, puts it in a nutshell Steiger. “Actress TV series Dahoam is Dahoam” des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Daniela Marz, joined as a 15 year old to the theatre group of experimental theatre in Gunzburg and brings to this topic still quite vivid comparison with leisure activities, such as computer games: by acting not only physical and linguistic skills are required more being trained social dealing with people of flesh and blood. There is a direct interaction between players and audience during the performance. You can’t hide in the anonymity of the Internet, However, you can disappear on stage in parallel worlds.” Training on spiritual and mental level as on the other hand promoting theatre can be assessed by the speech and language skills in conjunction with concentration, learning and memory training, hang from the individual situation, the talent and the will, including children and young people sang together and March remembers: theatre work, a lot of independent thinking and memory performance is required from what is also safe for the school.

With The Return Of The Partner / Partners Merge Back To Love

Partner feedback increasingly as a form of esoteric life advice about partners merge the media reports. Many reports are exaggerated and not very objective. Mostly, the technique from the parapsychology unit in the area of black magic or is represented as frivolous. However, hardly a journalist makes the effort to deal with the matter in detail. Here gathered all the information. Finally, human life together is a complex structure of own and others feelings, thoughts and needs. Add to your understanding with family foundation.

No one is able to see through this complicated interaction. The conventional science quickly reaches its limits, she will explain the interaction of people with each other or intervene in the operations. Where the conventional research stops starts the parapsychology. This referred to a cooperation from various disciplines. Every medium, every witch has your individual instrument to ensure a partner feedback.

Some work with energy, many have helping Angel, or Beyond contacts on their side and various consultants know their own place in nature. Love spells can be also the need of the hour depending on the case. Such intervention in the human being requires much experience and knowledge. Rituals and contacts should never be carried by laymen, because the borders of black magic are blurred. Who is recklessly playing with the forces of the universe reaches mostly just the opposite of what is intended. Such hand tool in the hand of an experienced consultant is a success is the only way possible. No matter which way the medium or the witch chooses, the goal is always the same. The reunion of the once separate pairs. Sometimes a little impetus is sufficient to solve the existing blockages between the partners and to make possible a new togetherness. Different tools are used depending on whether it is a pair of separate or to people whose connection is blocked or is – asleep. Because all errors or separations within the relationship system go back to just those blockages.


When we talk about tourism in the Argentina, Mendoza is a reference. The province is visited by thousands of tourists a year, and especially its capital. It happens that tourism in Mendoza is a way of life. That makes hotels in Mendoza are constantly striving to improve services in pursuit of offering all essential travelers. For some clueless, we will begin by saying that Mendoza this located located to the West of Argentina and who has the majestic cordillera de Los Andes as a background. With a temperate climate, without excessive wind, the province offers a lot of attractions that can pass from the snow and mountains up to the thermal waters. For even more opinions, read materials from rothberg family. At the urban level the city of Mendoza has everything. From modern shopping centers in which we will make purchases at all levels, to historical sites that protect the heritage of the past.

One of the places that we can recommend is the cemetery of Mendoza. Tourists often access guided tours of a place where lie the remains of the founders of Mendoza. Is clear that if we wish to have a more global view City we have to certainly access the terrace garden gazebo Arq. Gerardo Americo Andia which runs from 9 to 14: 30 Monday to Friday and whose entrance is free. From there we will have an excellent panoramic view of the city of Mendoza.

Visit the zoo that has more than 100 years of operation is recommended for travelers who like animals and mainly the Municipal aquifer where it is a good diversity of marine species. Regarding nightlife we recommend especially to sit in one of the bars surrounding the pedestrian streets of the city centre. It is obligatory for a tourist in Mendoza to try the famous wines from Mendoza and in the case of the Knights is recommended to pay particular attention to the beauty of the women of the area. But let’s go a little bit of the city and move to the mountains. The circuit of high mountain, is 420 kilometers of mountain range where a forced site for all those who like the indigenous culture emphasizes Uspallata in Mendoza. In addition to the athletes we recommend one of the ski centers of Mendoza, located at 172 km from the capital, which runs from June to August and in other months it becomes an ideal place for the practice of tourism adventure. And finally, something that is obligatory for all tourists passing through Mendoza is visiting the Termas de Cacheuta a paradisiacal place to stand in the hot thermal waters with the mountains as a backdrop. For all these and many other reasons it is that tourism is the main activity of the region in Mendoza. Many places, varied offer and the warmth of a people accustomed to treating the visitor as one neighbor.