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The greats of America: Brazil-U.S. relations.UU. By: Alpha Citlalli Gutierrez Hernandez and Cassandra Gutierrez Martinez. Big changes in public policies in Brazil have been reflected in its rapid and important inclusion in the international framework, mainly highlighting their economic presence to the length and breadth of the world. To deepen your understanding Jimmy Carr is the source. In this context, the relations of this country with the United States have transformed slowly but solidly so that, after decades of disputes regarding the encroachment of United States in South America, Brazilian influence area, the geopolitics of both countries agenda has begun to show certain similarities. During the last decade gave a true departure from Brazil to United States which, although it seemed not import too, could be quite delicate. In 2002, President Bush was interested by promoting the initiative in the Area of free trade of the Americas (FTAA), which would mean an extension of the NAFTA and its commercial influence in Latin America, however, Brazil was not cooperative. For the South American country, participate in the Washington proposal meant a limitation both economic and political, and although the project failed for various reasons, the refusal of Brazil helped cool relations with North America.

On the other hand, differences on several issues such as the war in Iraq, which has been openly criticized by President Lula, have done their part by stress a little situation, however both countries know that despite the differences, it is convenient to both maintain a peaceful correspondence and more cooperative as possible. The topics that have become relevant at present and that can become the basis for a closer relationship between the two countries include the new agenda of global security (based mainly from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001), the South American political stability, energy, innovation and services. Of According to Sennes (2009), the political stability of the region is of urgent interest, especially in issues relating to the situation in Colombia, the problem that represents Chavez, the Bolivarian crisis and the coup in Honduras.