Cot Night

It is important that newborn babies sleep well, to get a good rest, for getting this is important that parents take control, otherwise, it will usually involve having to get up at night, something that usually cause tension and stress that change our pace of life radically. It is important to bear in mind that cooing or feeding the child, will ask you asleep, they are efficient ways of making our baby to sleep sometimes, but the baby should not rely on them to fall asleep. It is important that let baby perfectly neat and wrapped so you sleep, we must not distract him together before going to sleep and we must impose a few hours of sleep and food that you should follow. Another task of parents is to teach the small the difference between day and night, how to do this? It is as simple as reducing the number of NAPs in the morning, avoid darken the room, while at night the lights must be off. On the other hand, they should not reduce the number of noise by day, while the baby is in your siesta in this way, you get that do not sleep by day and sleep at night, getting your own rest and avoiding the night raised of parents to take care of the baby, something which, no doubt, benefit the family. As a general rule, the newborn is usually every 3 or 4 hours, waking up many times to eat.

At that time, in which the child wakes up is when parents should feed and must change the diaper. If you’re a parent for the first time, you must take into account that it is good to establish certain routines for baby respond to them and fits a pattern of adequate sleep. Here, vcu health expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Information about babies and everything that their world concerns, cribs, clothing, meals and tips to know how to care for them and make the world a safer place for them.