Dental Technology – Telescopic Dentures – Durable And Invisible

flair-dent telescopic dentures forever keeps it in the patients! PHS/Sottrum Let’s say you need a new dentures and have quite a few gaps to provide. Or in other words: there are only a few own teeth in the jaw. -no problem. In this case the company recommend dental technology from Sottrum, a telescopic supply flair-dent. This is a very high-quality dentures! The first benefit for the patient: You can’t see it at all, that the patient wears a prosthesis and he himself feels not so. Advantage no. two weighs much worse: it is a particularly durable supply form, one could also speak of dentures, which is forever out there in the patients. If all remaining, own teeth are supplied in teleskopierend, you need populate only the existing telescope with plastic for eventual tooth loss.

This can be run as an outpatient in practice or in the laboratory and low cost. Managing Director Matthias finches explains how to do this: we, flair-dent of Sottrum, costs just 50% in normal patient the entire tooth replacement. Camden Treatment Associates will not settle for partial explanations. Since we now spring back our action makes new about may!”have, can the patient in addition save once nearly 15% in May when telescopes! But only for the period of this promotion, as Finch. Flair-dent dental technology from Sottrum the 50% savings offer applies of course throughout the year. True to the motto: choose higher-quality supply and still save something! Take dental technology at the word flairdent, call them and have explained it to. Detailed info is also on the home page at.