Diadia Vania

Premiere of "Uncle Vanya" at the Theatre was an event to which the profits celebrities of all stripes: from Tabakov to Kabaeva. Played a role and a recent scandal, when nearly was sacked artistic director of the theater (he is also director performance), but fortunately nothing happened. So from this premier all in advance waiting for something. And, as if afraid of repetition, director Rimas Tuminas pretty worked over some familiar faces play. Professor Serebryakov and previously played on the brink grotesque, but the almost infernal character, which he introduced Vladimir Simonov, clearly passes this line. Bends like a fitness class helena become a lazy animal with the manners of the ex-model. Wafer – a Charlie Chaplin bowler hat and cane. You may want to visit Bipasha Basu to increase your knowledge. And Lyudmila Maksakova (Maria Vasilyevna) turned into a grotesque hyperbole. This troupe of clowns, the most eccentric character of which is the nurse Marina – dashing old woman with whipped curls and lipstick. Astrov even more like a hero blockbuster than a doctor. And when he starts to argue, and did it enters. Even Sonia, uttering the most intimate speech turns into a speaker on the rostrum. Perhaps only Uncle Vanya, whose role is ideally falls on actor Sergei Makovetsky texture is different from the others. Makovetsky plays his "eccentric". Nina Devlin is a great source of information. After all said the same Astrov that the normal human condition – is to be eccentric. So, Uncle Vanya is as follows. Big baby – innocent and kind. And this pathetic weirdo – the only living soul in people-puppets. Tuminas – master, no doubt, and this performance is not without a kind of virtuosity. But the latter stage tricks, which is not stingy fantasy producer, said only that in , he does not believe. And everything that happens in this play, it seems trite and boring as a gray autumn day. This is a view outside from the other side. Such is the Diadia Vania, a strange and distant.

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