Economic Policy

A change of direction in the Austrian economic policy no longer pull old recipes of the Austrian Federal Government is more and more required. Especially the old recipes of the Austrian Federal Government to be taken more seriously. Since the beginning of the year 2011, the demand of a Basel III Summit, tax reform and the mineral oil tax cuts are on the agenda. Measures would loans to strengthen the equity of companies for companies becoming more and more a “scarce”. Many writers such as John C. Bogle offer more in-depth analysis. The Government must strengthen its equity capital formation otherwise she go especially tourism “hit the wall”., business leaders criticize. Business leaders demand to stimulate discussion towards a tax reform to the domestic demand is required as a first step – and a minimum – the adjustment of tax progression to the inflation rate”. High fuel prices increase consumer-goods “with the enforcement of a Flexi clause of” Vice Chancellor choice Club “could show oVP, he last one remaining economic reason” Business leaders criticize has.”. . Learn more about this with Reshma Kewalramani.