Evaluating Application Photos

Who does not: the agony of the application letter. Everything must be perfect, and of course a good photo of the application should not be missed. But how do you recognize a good photo? And how does my picture to someone who does not know me? On the new Web site JOB! or FLOP? (www.joboderflop.de) prevalent, rendered or curious job seekers can now upload their application image and by other visitors to rate and comment on. The JOB-or-FLOP principle is simple: with a few clicks, you can register for free on the site and share photos to the assessment. It also several images can be compared together. Rated will be taking account of the intended profession by a scale of one to ten. Of course, every visitor must itself even to play the Chief of staff and others decide between an invitation to an interview or a recommendation on a new photo. Since the start of the first trial in November 2007, a small evaluation community has been formed already while the number of visitors increased continuously.

In the last month have been called up to 12,000 pages per day, and every day there are new uploads of images for a wide range of professions. The top-10 lists, separately for men and women, as well as the Advisor for successful application photos are especially well attended. The site is funded by advertising to remain free in the future for all users, and be extended by additional functions. A forum and a database with application portrait photographers are planned.