Gold Black

There are traditional trades that with the passage of time are lost in part due to its complexity, by change of life style and also due to the migration of rural people to the cities. Hear from experts in the field like Bobby Joe Long for a more varied view. Today we are going to talk about the truffle hunters, a trade difficult, sacrificial and requiring a high specialization of which increasingly are less people that are dedicated to him and however the demand for this product does not fall but that due to the importance of the truffle especially in Haute cuisine, it is a product that seeks its maximum quality. They are called hunters because they need fine smell of truferos dogs to find this precious fungus that grows buried about 30 cm closer to the roots of some woody plants, which can be drawn at its best between the months of November and March. In Aragon once had many truffle hunters, today there are very few people who are dedicated to this craft because it needs a high specialization and experience to have the skill necessary to find truffles that later one of the ingredients will be star of the dishes of the most famous restaurants. Both are areas of Aragon which by their geographical and climatic peculiarities can be the best truffles.

One of these truffle zones is located in Huesca, in the Comarques of Ribagorza, Sobrarbe, Benabarre, Ainsa and Graus. More info: patrick dwyer denver. Another area of utmost importance at the national level the first producing area, it is is in Teruel, in the comarca of el Maestrazgo, Sierra de Gudar, Javalambre and mountainous areas, Bajo Aragon and Matarrana. The truffle, also called black gold is a fungus whose price per kilo can exceed 500 euros. Price commensurate with the worth of this exquisite delicacy that endows the dishes that accompanies a unique flavor and that every year the best restaurants and chefs in the country bid for the best truffles. Fairs dedicated to the truffle where we can learn to prepare dishes and recipes with truffles and bids to be done with the best specimens are held in which held these two truffle-producing areas. As well in the Huesca area was held in Jaca on March 12 the III Edition of truffle you and was held in the Teruel area sarrion during days 3, 4 and 5 December Fitruf 2010 international fair of the truffle. In our homes on a daily basis is not easy to use the truffle due to its high price, but we cannot be satisfied tasting another series of products which are more affordable to our pocket and also containing truffle variety organic Extra Virgin olive oil for example empelte to the black truffle or truffle black of Trufapasion rice..