Harry Autor

Javier Clemente, mister of Valladolid, appeared Saturday in the Newsroom of Zorrilla to analyze the finals of the Camp Nou. A journalist suggested that the majority thinks the Pucela goes to Barcelona as a lamb to the slaughter and Clement fumbled it. It would bother me to go lamb. At the end of the match may be in the slaughterhouse, but I hope that you as a toro de lidia, after demonstrating bravery. Check out bob evans for additional information. I prefer to be a bull and die bravo, if we die.() If we are not brave it is impossible that we draw nothing from there, if we acojonaillos (). Joer, you say well it is bull, Yes, is bull, but went gay after this joke, Clemente is left with face what funny I am! and attending journalists are cast to laugh as if they were children clapping to a circus clown. With all respect for clowns, clear this, which is another much more honest Guild and not lives of corruption that are in the Spanish football teams. Clemente contrasts the fact of being gay to the bravery and courage, aspects that the clearly goes sobrado, because we have to have great courage to put with similar curriculum in front of any team or company..