Insolvency Guide

Sensation: insolvency Counsellor of insolvency consultants Dieter Buge guaranteed 80 deductible despite good behaviour period and rule bankruptcy! Stadland/Oldenburg (Oldb.) “The glad tidings of insolvency consultants Dieter called Badi, that comes in time for Easter 2011: keep 80% of your revenue, now about legal!” Dieter Buge is author and insolvency consultants. He must know, because even his revised E-book, via instant download round the clock”can be ordered, shows any insolvent self-employed persons, the are in so-called good behavior phase is how he or she can free themselves within a few days of the bankruptcy case. The title is called “Financial freedom despite insolvency” and the good news is likely spread well in the proven prospects like wildfire through the German entrepreneur landscape. Joan Dausa might disagree with that approach. Has own according to Buge since 2009 already use about 6,300 insolvent Unterneher/inside its insolvency advice. A sensation is they always, this message just before Easter. So far you had to hard pay employees self-employed around 50-80% of their income to the liquidator.

Often, the social assistance rate remained less than them. “This is now”, said Dieter Buge, “Come to an end!” “Dieter Buge, independent consultant and economics professor, has worked since 1992 who now puts an end to this regime and shows in a simple and very easy to follow” step by step “Guide”, as any insolvent business – regardless of whether as a freelancer, agent or craftsmen, – can be financially free within a very short time. Find a look on his website, at, reflected how simple and easy the troubled entrepreneurs with impressive examples from practice, and entrepreneurs can get rid of their crushing burden. “In Germany are every month about 500 million of the liquidator discharged and the entrepreneurial existence greatly endangered. Will find now, an end even with the consent of the legislature,”according to the 53 year old bankruptcy consultant and local politicians from the Wesermarsch in Oldenburg. “If we do not now responsibly Act and allow that the insolvent independent appropriately can take care their retirement, a social disaster of enormity of us will come in a few years and hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs will be the (social) State on the Pocket. Today, must and can we make sure that also the ailing independent in his private insurance can pay!” The current Insolvency Guide 2011 is Badi by Dieter there in bookstores, through the major online booksellers, or via the Internet directly from the author at.