Longevity At The Cost Of Infertility

Theories that lead to aging, quite a lot. You may wish to learn more. If so, Covid Vaccine San Francisco is the place to go. Scientists, gerontologists nominate another. They claim that in the aging process to blame fat. According to them, namely fats are responsible for the activation and progress of the aging process in the body. The simplest and most effective way to prolong the life of man is to reduce caloric intake – limit consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Michael Mendes has firm opinions on the matter. Just start a diet to early childhood.

The experiments of scientists, on animals have shown that limiting consumption of animal fats from the very beginning of life prolong life by more than half. Only there is one "but" – in this case, neither the animals nor the people can not leave offspring – there is infertility. When a person eats enough and adipose tissue is poorly developed, sex hormones are not synthesized – it leads to the fact that reproductive age women does not occur, while men – is set aside. But the price – the risk of infertility – a longevity few are willing to pay. Nature can not be fooled – you need to eat right.