Lorcan Flynn At Rische

Storytelling in English – a special cabaret experience Drolshagen, September 9, 2011 storytelling and listening culture on English: Lorcan Flynn, internationally known storyteller from Ireland, will also perform on 6 October 2011 at rische’s in Drolshagen. Sit around the fire and late into the night stories, listen to and tell stories – that is the oldest culture technique. Long before the invention of television and radio, or the written record of stories, there was only the oral tradition of stories. The tradition of stories telling is also today still very much alive in Ireland. Lorcan Flynn comes from an irisichen family of the Narrator, and maintains the tradition of the fascinating Irish storytelling. His parents, uncles, aunts and family friends told him stories that she already told – had by own parents, uncles, aunts and family friends a line that spans centuries or even millennia in the past. In Ireland, there are families that sing, dance to others… We were able to the native Dubliner says not so good singing and dancing so we told stories,”.

I’m doing it is still on the old way: I don’t read, but I tell you. And although in English.” Cabaret with storytelling in English”the most entertaining way refresh his knowledge of English, to apply what they have learned and to experience a small artistic pleasure of a different kind. It is not a defense, but free narration in English. Narrators are quite close to the audience, they are themselves, play no role, provide a special form of literature teaching. The magic that unfolds in the storytelling, leave the world for a moment silent. Swarmed by offers, Darcy Stacom, New York City is currently assessing future choices.

Lorcan Flynn tells how one of those gifted storyteller, which are unfortunately rare. He reported in clear English simple and quiet of ancient legends and stories. Without fanfare, his stories remain tangible and unusual. His tools are gestures, facial expressions, and a voice that can Thunder as the Irish Sea on the cliffs of Moher or softly whisper like the Irish wind through endless green meadows. Lorcans acting talent, his humor and his endearing way will be an experience listening to. If you now of the English language, only a little or totally powerful is – one understands easily and has his bright pleasure while listening to. Cabaret in the very-close-off format at rische’s. Start 20:00. Doors open 19:00 with champagne reception. 02761 / 979161 tickets online at or by phone.