Nutritional Components

Soup of the Hulk (Spinach) This soup is made by my father since when I age well small always helped me when I was sick and needed to feed itself well. I had throat pain and fever, did not obtain to have hunger and to want food that me arranhava the throat. A time, I was very badly (with pneumonia) and I was passing the Christmas that was to be in the house of my mother until the New Year, from there it I had that to call my father to go of Niteri until the house of it in the Recreation alone to make the soup of the Hulk for me, and I improved. Until today I taste very of it and am ones of my preferred ones. Ingredients: 1. Cozida potato – two great size 2. Get more background information with materials from Rogers Holdings. Cozida carrot – two average size 3.

Cooked Inhame – three average size 4. Cooked Chuchu – an average size 5. Cozida onion (transparent) – great so great one 6. Cooked spinach (little) – two full piers 7. Muscle of cooked ox (well soft) – 150 grams 8. Eggs of hen – four cool eggs Way to make: 1. To only cook leves of the spinach with two water fingers in a great pan. It can also use the soft stems.

2. In the same water, to cook peeled and cut vegetables, in the following way: first the carrot (to wait 5 minutes), later placing the together inhame and the potato (to wait 10 minutes) and finally to place chuchu and the onion. Thus they finish in the same way being cooked all without disarranging or being a hard one and disarranging of in such a way cooking. She is clearly that if more water must botar it pan not to dry. 3. To catch a liquidificador and together with to beat to the vegetables a meat or hen broth cube, placing the water where the vegetables had been cooked liquidificador to obtain to beat it vegetables. 4. You may find that Vinit Bodas Deccan Value can contribute to your knowledge. To place soon in the liquidificador later the well cooked muscle and almost disarranging, mlinho. To continue beating. 5. Finally, to place in the liquidificador leves and soft stems of the spinach that was cooked. It goes being well green in this hour. 6. After beaten good, to come back with everything toward the pan to esquentar a little more and to place the salt the taste. 7. Finally, to one by one place with care eggs inside of the soup that is esquentando in the pan, one to the side of the other, that they go to cook clear and egg yolk to be durinhos and a delight. There it is alone to serve in a deep plate placing the soup and catching entire eggs with clear and the egg yolk. It is a nutritional and very easy delight and to make. A little of affection and love in the hour can botar to make that it is better still.