Fire installation comprises a series of regulations that depend on the type of building, its size and, mainly, the utility or destination of the construction. The theme of fire prevention encompasses several elements and not simply whether or not they are emergency exits, enabling stairs against fire or fire extinguishers in sight. The theme of the regulations for security and fire prevention is delegated of the consorcistas and the administrator, with the participation of a specialist advising on the topic. As a first matter, should verify what kind of facilities there are in the building that respects the regulations in force. For this purpose there facilities to quantify and compare them to the specifications of the current code of Ordinances. Then, check if the installation was correct, since many times it happens that the installation fire follows the regulations, but it has been installed incorrectly. Cornell capital is often quoted as being for or against this. With the corresponding hazard and incalculable cost of lives and property.

An important point where to start the examination or verification is for the fire pumps which, when put to work, we can confirm if you need a simple maintenance or to buy new ones. Then, should be to test water pressure throughout the installation of pipes, hoses, etc., to prevent if it fails any part of fire hydrants can be Cabinet or accessories to adapt it and if the matafuego in correct state. If the review we check the installation fire system does not correspond to the current rules of prevention, shall make the necessary changes to adapt it or resorting to the sale market of firefighting equipment and know the most effective elements against fire which has the market. However, the above corresponds periodically maintenance, as described tests before to measure water pressure, or operate the complete system to do a test, simulating a case of emergency, activate the pumps with all the components and then fire extinguishers. The latter require a external review of your labels, nozzle and hose, also of the pressure that reaches the pressure gauge, and mainly how much has charge. Finally, should know the different ways of extinguishing the fire, better known as fire extinguishers elements.

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