Red Government

Corren gossips than some other Red encourages division of our beloved Spain, and is not any red, nor is because you have not liked as we tackled him with gifts of pure gold twice in less than a century to his country. (The first was illegal, but the second, red shift, using words mercantilist commented that was not profitable have so much gold in Spain). Coincidence! Perhaps, but both times have been red that used the Government of Spain have propitiate that give the gifts to our dear Russians. Although apparently, the last goodwill has not been you your liking and perhaps the greatest Russian thinks that it is high time that our country is balcanice, well but that comes that say to the international community: in Spain there are separatists, then support them there. And it is not surprising that one of the most ancient kingdoms of Europe, is difficult to divide or dismember. And it is not because after the death of the last dictator we had the last century, the reds were not by the work, but having to wait for you to spend the first years of transition to begin, it seems that everything was delayed and has not yet given them the desired fruits. Yes, already, that teaching has lowered level (but it is still not enough, more sheep are needed) and cost the Spaniards to accept the indoctrination of the new course of the Red Government.

But you have made great progress in regional standardization, i.e. achieved dismember the culture of the Kingdom, its geography, its language, its laws, its taxation in addition is this trying to implemented a law on historical memory and in that division without even being divided, fragile system of autonomy not found his apartment. Their efforts to dismember our beloved Spain this costing more than what they thought. But they are there in the attempt. There they run to internationalize our disagreements.

There are voices to dismember the Kingdom although only two hundred years ago our people despite their ignorance, to lift up against the army of the greatest Empire in Europe at that time. And a few years after I cast out of Spain. Maybe our little effort before the good life that we have gone lately wheeling and dealing and our ability to support so many inept rulers State, regional and municipal, hedonists of the public service and other public environment penpusher. Us has weakened as people and now is the time for which a few u others may distribute this beautiful cake called Spain. No longer an army invading, and only characters that speak and speak with smile, look and his words sound like lie and referred to as they move with impunity of senior positions itself, and thus form there to ask them responsibility, and begins to extend this question of the electoral system consisting of going to vote every four years, since it could be greater deception that we offer, i.e. is perhaps the way to make us break our sovereignty and our freedom. And I say this, to be able to demonstrate that is this with impunity admitting lying on our rulers. And suede the lie, the vote is blind, and a blind vote is hardly an act of freedom or sovereignty. Original author and source of the article