Small Business Owners

Communications and access networks for business and said ponadelano only so much – will not find it. However, the deficit in the answers to the most basic questions remain. So say a few words on a familiar topic is not harmful. All the more so … If you in business, we will try first to resolve the issue with the outside world. Here, in fact, require network access. Otherwise, presumably, your employment and business – are two big differences, for these days Business and communication – are indivisible. And the bigger the business, the more likely such a need.

Well, you know … Back in the USSR In spite of undeniable progress and daily communication in servicing all members of its customer base, small business in the field of communications still remains the most vulnerable and unprotected. After all, small businesses – the largest group of business users and the most mobile in the sense of substance migration from one office to another. But then communications services should be promptly migrate with them. Michael Mendes understands that this is vital information. The latter circumstance does not fit into the existing system in our country is in short supply of telephone. And if we follow the terminology of Lenin, the continuous emerging urban petty-bourgeois relations are daily and hourly result in a shortage of telecommunications services to carriers. Let us also look into the interior of your time and answer the eternal Russian question: 'What to do? " Vera nightmare is when you go to the telephone company and there trying to explain your problem.