Ayurveda – Knowledge Of Life

Ayurveda – the ancient Indian system, which considers man as a part of nature. The word "Ayurveda" is derived from the words in Sanskrit means "life" and "wisdom, knowledge, leading to perfection." Literally translated as "Knowledge of life." It is the science and practice, including methods of physical, mental and spiritual development. For many centuries, during which the Ayurvedic principles of life thoroughly tested for generations, have proven their solvency and of utmost importance. One possible reason for the renewed interest in Ayurveda all over the world is that people are looking for a system of healing body and soul, which would involve the consumption of as much as possible smaller amounts of chemicals with side effects. Ayurveda recognized by the World Health Organization, it is – the subject of modern medical research. The aim of Ayurvedic treatment is to balance the internal energy and to give people the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy, and socially and spiritually successful life. Learn more about this topic with the insights from giant pay.

Man creates his health or sickness daily activities. The system Ayurveda so-called body has not only material but also immaterial form, not visible to human eyes. Ayurveda – the treatment of the body, affecting the level of mental and emotional. Where a therapeutic effect provides great peace of nature and the "hands that heal." In ayurvedic system of approach to each patient individually and based on its constitution and psychophysiological parameters. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of prevention of disease, rejuvenation of the body systems and increase life expectancy.

Child Vaccination

Today, I have not explicitly asked himself … All morning I had a children's clinic with her younger daughter. Who would have thought that vaccinating children now number 1 PROBLEM! They say that we have free medicine, and vaccines State does not provide. And how to survive in such conditions? Vaccination is routine – diphtheria and tetanus (shot in the buttock) and drops of polio. The direction of the hands, but vaccines are not available! What should I do? And now I know that one of the doctors have the vaccine, "DS" (diphtheria and tetanus), the parents themselves to buy for their kids and stayed two extra doses. I went to the doctor and ask them to sell the vaccine for my daughter. Buy it simple enough, but there is certificate to the vaccine, which I bought! Risk the health of their child? Me problems and so lacking in life. Decided to consult with my husband, he was categorically against such a vaccination.

As long as we thought, wondering what we still do, to check the shot began to approach children with their mothers. I looked at the children, talked to mom and the nurse, and found that this vaccination is the absolute norm in our time. Imagine that happens? I was in a state of shock. Who would have thought that possible? This situation does not fit into any reasonable limits! But do nothing, we end garden and go to school and we need a full list of vaccinations.

Dried Fruits And Vegetables

Domestic tumble today offer almost limitless possibilities to preserve fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms and greens without loss of vitamins and other nutrients that contain these foods fresh. Desiccation or drying – it's completely natural process of eliminating the use of any preservatives, salts, sugars and other ingredients inherent in traditional conservation. Any product that was subject to drying, whether apricot, apple, currant, meat, herbs, flowers, whatever, retains its original color, flavor and taste. Pulling for example dried raspberries or strawberries (which may have grown in the country you) in the room immediately apply a thin smell of summer and the pleasant aroma of fresh berries. Saving dried food in appropriate conditions (dark and dry place) you can be sure that your products will be useful for For a long time without requiring a constant low temperature, in contrast to the popular deep-frozen today. Your products will not be afraid of any voltage fluctuations or failure of the compressor.

Dryers Ezidri, developed by Hydraflow Industries (New Zealand) – the result of more than 20 years experience in the field of food preservation by natural drying. Unique technologies used in these devices allow quick and proper drying of the product without substantial costs of electricity. The maximum drying time – 24 hours, while for dried herbs 2:00 for 7:00 – mushrooms, an average of 12 – fruits and berries. Duration drying for different products listed in the book of the user and is totally dependent on the amount of water contained in a particular product. An important advantage of dryers Ezidri are the materials from which they made – it's safe plastic, which does not react with foods and thus drying process involves only the removal of moisture from the product without any other (often unspoken other producers) processes. All models are dryers Ezidri not take up much space and weigh about 3-5 lbs.

The composition of such devices include basic platform with the engine for pumping and heating and round trays that are placed each on the other. In each tray fits any product: in the tray with fine mesh can be placed berries, with a large – pieces of fruit. Food enough to wash, cut and put in trays – then you can connect the device to network. At the same time can use up to 40 pallets at the same time without spending a lot of electricity – microprocessor control ensure uniform, rapid and proper drying.


To learn how to enjoy your wine better, seek to identify the different flavors that it contains, and an important part of this process is to enjoy its sweetness, acidity, alcohol and each element that it contains. In the case of the sweetness of the wine, it is better and more easily detect it through the tip of the tongue. In this way, you can identify this flavor in the correct way. In recent months, Andrew Mason Groupon has been very successful. The sweetness of wines, is determined more than anything by the sugar that is left in this once it has gone through the process complete fermentation. Some terms that are commonly used to describe include the word dryness.

The aromas of fruits are commonly associated with sweetness. Therefore, that many times a taster becomes confused thinking that a wine is very sweet when in reality it is not. A tip to avoid this kind of problem is to try wine plugging you nose, if the wine no longer has the sweet taste then it’s a dry wine, with fruit. If the flavor is still fresh then you will know that you have in your hands a wine sweet fruit. Attempts to distinguish the flavors of your wine with the passage of time, you will become an expert. Original author and source of the article

Feng Shui Harmony

I would like to talk separately about nutrition and cooking. On the kitchen, how about putting your home. Many of us spend enough time in the kitchen. For some it's favorite place in the house. We sometimes settles the kitchen, but do not count small nuances. As strange as it sounds, but the cause of excess weight may be the location and furnishings kitchen. Save harmony of Feng Shui helps cuisine. Not always we can not throw in an extra piece of mouth, when preparing dinner for the family.

Resist sometimes unable to even the most persistent, you only smell the baked chicken, just … 'Good-bye diet. " Because slight changes in the kitchen cool this will help. Location cuisine right at the door considered unfavorable. There is a misalignment of qi energy, and it is all directed to the kitchen. As a result, such people often eat kitchens, and it seems that nothing but their food is not interested. Exit – on the kitchen door hang bells. They will dissipate energy around the house or apartment.

Plate – preferably set so that the hostess, when preparing dinner, she saw entering the kitchen. Colors – better draw in the warm and bright colors. Lockers – should always be closed. It is advisable to install lights beneath them. Now the table. Lay on the table a green skater and thus activate the energy wealth. On the table should always be fruit. Besides the fact that fruit can be excellent bite and throw in your mouth cookies, apple, fruit availability on the table stimulates your financial well-being. The smell of lemon perfectly calm your appetite. The smell of juniper not relieve you of a pleasant odors and purify the space. Thus, you kill three birds with one stone – keep clean the house harmony – rich.