Third was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. When the soldiers noticed that someone was coming, rose to help but were arrested with a warrant. Third thought was a precaution because they had to make sure he was not a spy. However, great was the surprise when he saw another group behind them that was for him. Were Carthaginians. Connect with other leaders such as Expedia CEO here.

Third did not know what to think. There were few compared to the Romans, so that could not be their captors. Something strange was happening. A Roman horseman, apparently of high rank, came swiftly before the arrival of the group of Carthaginians and said, “Throw your weapons and do not resist. You can not come back to us. Third do not understand anything.

Looking for an answer that he had noticed a group of twenty Roman soldiers who were with their hands tied, sitting under a tree. yEran traitors? It was possible, but refused to believe it. Then, Roman went to one of the Carthaginians and said coldly. “You can take the prisoner. Third understood. These men were bound prisoners who had escaped, so he had been mistaken as one of them. Third desperately tried to explain as soldiers restrained him. “This is a mistake, I am not a prisoner, I am a survivor who stayed behind. I swear. yPorque do this? I am a Roman of the Familiae “Shut up,” said the angry rider interrupting Third-Do not resist. Someday you’ll understand. After being captured, the Carthaginian, who was in command gestured to one of the equites, who gave the order to bring the prisoners, while third did not know what to think. When the prisoners arrived, escorted by Equitas and soldiers, the senior rider authorized the release to let them available to the enemy. Third was pushed, but refused to be arrested, falling after the scuffle with a soldier. From the ground, looked at the Third evenly over his horse in search of aid, but ignored him. Posing his eyes on his face, saw his friend Tercio. Gnaeus was riding a black horse. With an icy stare watched his friend until the Legion was bound and taken together with the other prisoners. The attitude of Gnaeus explained everything. Rome could not afford to receive the prisoners escaped, and that would reflect their vulnerability. Therefore, returning prisoners would be seen as an act of strength, sending a clear message, both of Hannibal as other allied cities that Rome was not defeated. In other words, Rome was willing to sacrifice the lives of his men to show their will to resist, despite the terrible defeat at Cannae. Thus it was that they understood and Gnaeus Tercio. The young Roman, now a prisoner lamented his fate, but one thing was certain, Rome would rise to the Carthaginian imposed because no empire has been built without spilling the blood of his people.