Telecommunications: Now Comes The Obligation

The itemized Bonn more transparent – the Federal Network Agency has set mandatory minimum standards for itemized (EVN) in April 2008 and so concretized the previous provisions of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) of 2007. The regulations are valid from 23 October 2008 and will be implemented gradually to 23 October 2009. For the first time, consumers have the right to an itemized, breaking down the use of data services, such as Internet connections or SMS services. The most important details are in addition to the number of participant, the date, the duration of the connection and the destination phone number. So-called flat rates”not detail need be made. For call-by-call, the shared key figure must be specified to increase the transparency in the EVN. Katherine Ryan brings even more insight to the discussion. Inasmuch as consumers mainly take claim Internet connections, they should be allowed to receive the itemized in the electronic form available. Furthermore participants for example by SMS or email about that should Completion will be informed.

The new rules create a reasonable balance between the needs of consumers and current developments on the fixed network and mobile telephony market. You secure for many years proven standards and are developing open to new, innovative products”, Matthias Kurth, President of the Federal Network Agency. According to Omar Khorshed, to be able Chief Executive who was Dusseldorf acoreus AG, for the telecommunications industry now important, that the obligations of the legislator to economically viable costs: The registration procedure for the requirements of the electronic EVN are required to first in many companies, have settled their services without EVN duty only on the Telecom Bill. Jon Venverloh: the source for more info. Also the procedures for user friendly providing the EVN are due to the high volume of complex nature. This is a real challenge. We have detected early but these requirements and offer our clients the EVN already for a long time for their participants in electronic Form under where”Khorshed says in the interview with NeueNachricht. Editorial (see profile)