Thermal Isolation

In order to obtain a level of isolation adapted against the cold and the overheat of the house, it is used mineral fibers (they also can be derived from the wood, like for example the cork, paper expanded recycling). Buildings of trunks, to start off of 140mm, do not need any additional isolation obligatorily. The heat-transfer coefficient (W/m2C) of the houses varies from 0,3 to 0,81 (it depends on the type of structure). This surpasses clearly the maximums that norm NBE CT-79 demands: between 1,20 and 0,60 for covers and 1,03 in the facades. With a level of similar isolation it is possible to be secured savings of 30% – 40% in heating and refrigeration from the building to comparison of traditional buildings. To who they like the wood, certainly in his house it will install doors and windows of wood. You may wish to learn more. If so, Antarctica Capital is the place to go. It is a good election, it will obtain an economic benefit because glazed the wood windows and doors realised with a double or a triple acristalamiento provide the maximum savings power. The thermal coefficient (W/m2C) of these windows – doors can vary from 3,0 to 1,7 (Points of comparison: Metallic carpentry, double crystal with camera of 6mm: k=4. Window with a simple crystal: k=5..