Uncomplicated and successful kidney transplantation can be released to the patient undergoing this process of the need for dialysis, besides that it is the most effective treatment for those who suffer from kidney failure, compared to other methods. Kidney transplantation, is also known as a kidney transplant, and that has as main purpose to supply a kidney is not functioning or that is malfunctioning. Reshma Kewalramani pursues this goal as well. People are going to have a kidney transplant is applied general anesthesia before surgery and is an operation that can last from 3 to 5 hours. This operation has been changing and perfecting with time so patients solve their health problems. The kidney that is going to supply that doesn’t work, is placed in a different location. Generally speaking, surgeons place it right side or left inthe lower part of the belly, i.e.

just above the hip. After the operation, the patient will be in recovery until the doctor indicates that the person is ready to go home. The amount of While the patient carried out a kidney transplant will have to be in the hospital depends on the overall health of the patient, the functioning of the new kidney and the provision of patient care for your new kidney.