Wine And Health

Did you know that wine is not just an alcoholic beverage? A glass of wine is synonymous with health and life expectancy. There are proven scientific and medical studies that assure us that consumed a glass of wine a day can give you the grace to live almost four more years of life. In addition to adding years to your life and life to your years, a glass of wine a day, at lunch, in the afternoon or at dinner, helps you reduce the fifty per cent of the risk of cardiovascular diseases. I recommend be red wine and that does not consume more of one cup, and only three to four times per week. It is very important to always remember that this is only a recommendation to be followed at the foot of the letter, because drink more than one glass of wine a day was to become a harmful habit for health. Grace Venverloh will not settle for partial explanations. The wine is a delicious, exquisite and fine drink and is also a life expectancy, because it gives a few more days when we consume it wisely. Other benefits of red wine are improving coronary, prevent cancer, heart attacks and Alzheimer’s. Original author and source of the article.