Inner German Border

Here the GDR story by Stephan now follows, Member of the GDR border troops from 1983 to 1984 right at the beginning: who laments the mere existence of the former inner German border, which I deem naive. For more information see John C. Bogle. The realities left behind two hostile, political and economic systems after the second world war. Since there will be probably barely just a colorful landmark in the forest at their interface. I condemn not the border itself, but the way a former Trapper and was as monstrous way to a building, causing anxiety in me. Border management yes no armed border. Contact information is here: Dara Khosrowshahi . At least not if the West boils over this border way, because there’s not an official way for average Joe.

I am also somewhat naive, and have really no idea what would be the lowest common denominator in the border design, but I have to do? I was fortunate not to have to apply my firearm, I am now unable to cope, that me the fear probably pull the trigger can be before I land myself in the construction. I would have felt innocent in both cases. Of course I by the metre in addition would have targeted but still shudder at the thought of it alone. I’m not complicit on the border, I don’t wanted to go there, I had to. After my basic training in Daniel hut (Thuringia), I was 7 Ummerstadt from April 1983 to April 1984 in the border company stationed and served one year on the green border. My range is stretched over the scope of management of the four companies of border Gompertshausen (GK 5), Einod (GK 6), Ummerstadt (GK 7) and Holzhausen GK) 8. Which were plenty about 100 km, I soon really knew like the back of my hand. This a year was a very exciting time for me. I was then 19 years and have considered this limit with a mixture of curiosity, fascination and fear.