Modernista Movement

We will see that the events of the Week had finished inciting the antipassadistas certainties of the critical one of Sergio. After the disputes of the Municipal theatre, the tone with that starts to evaluate the aesthetic iderio of the movement, far from the imparcialidade that if waited of a critic, is already the tone of a interested partner of agitation more in the victory of its teses of what properly in the intellectual mritos of the exploit, what it is visible, for example, in notes and commentaries with that, in Klaxon, the Literary or same World in Purple Land, it made the propaganda of troupe of 22, detaching in each one of its members a new flash inflaming calls Brazil modern. In this instant we can observe Sergio radical Buarque, the abetter of agit-prop that then it escapes for halls of the Viennese Coffee in company of Mario, Oswald, of Guillermo de Almeida or Rubens Borba de Morais promising esdrxulos texts nor always written, to the side of other baffling ones, and effectively published, as F-1. This not to mention of the episode almost dramatical Antinous. Although determined for the unexpected strategy of the movement, we know that she was not small intellectual contribution of Sergio Buarque of Holland in this stage of the trajectory of 22. The dialogue initiated with Blaise Cendrans, the creation of the Aesthetic magazine, with Cautious of Moral Grandson, ' ' that they searched to alliviate the Modernista Movement of certain equvocos' ' , the revelation of the poetical sources of Manuel Flag, the precocious valuation of the structure without unit of the Miramar Joo, the recognition of a complex art-critical-research in expansion in the workmanship of Mario de Andrade is only some of the aspects that would add to the fisionomia of the modernismo the preconditions for the rumorosa interview-libel of 1925 in the Post office of the Morning, with Cautious of Moral Grandson, who launches the bases for the rupture that he would come in the following year with the article the side the opposite and other sides.

How Is Your Emotional Bank Account?

THE author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, makes a comparison between the bank and emotional bank accounts. As an economist I am the truth that I loved this example I have taken into account in my relationships, especially with my closest loved ones and I think the results have been worthwhile. Covey explains that all people have an emotional bank account and we with our actions we make deposits or withdrawals in that account. To the extent that you value the other, sincere praise you, you have acts of kindness, you show compassion, empathetic listening to the other, value differences and respect them, in order to detail such as women we love (and men too even when not openly displayed), make it known to the people we love that are important to us, makes that emotional bank account deposits grow emotionally. However when we discussed, heated and offend us, disqualified, destructively criticize another, we are waiting to find flaws in the behavior of the other and forget about the good, they are lodged in the emotional bank withdrawals, and may reach the point where it is both the deterioration of the relationship is completely overdrawn account and there is a closure of it in the bank emotional being attacked, being able to rupture the relationship irrevocably.

In other words friends, trying to make deposits in the emotional bank accounts of the people we love, our friends, colleagues and not to unknown persons, this will result in an increase in the welfare of our relationships and greatly promote this aspect your life and that of others. Emotional bank withdrawals are inevitable, we are human beings, we make mistakes, make mistakes, we say wrong things, do things that we regret …. but as soon as you can run! and make your emotional bank deposits, immediately compensate all you’ve been making withdrawals from that account so special, that you loved so much matter but that somehow you been running over your actions, words or omissions. I have the habit in my house with my husband and daughters, after having made a mistake which I consider an emotional withdrawal from that account, immediately offset by at least five acts of love withdrawal, offset by gestures, information, immediate action to let you know when another I’m sorry, I care, I’m wrong and sincerely want to start again, this is important to point out, if your repentance is sincere and your actions are manipulative, your account is overdrawn immediately, lying and manipulation are not place in this process. Let him know the other that you love him, show him, and consider whether the person is visual, kinesthetic or auditory, because if not, the deposit will not be recognized even if you have been doing. Let them know you care about the other, with details, with a flower, with a delicious meal, with a sincere touch with a letter of apology, but please do not forget that the balance always, always give you positive, with an surplus of positive strokes so great that when you’re wrong, the withdrawal does not make a dent in your relationships. TUGS MARIA Economist Human Resources Specialist Group Coaching


The expression ' ' to intervine when necessrio' ' , typical and mstica flag of the neoliberalismo, fell in disuse, if it is that one day was used to reach the considered objectives. If the maneuverers of the executive locomotive badly know to conjugate the verb ' ' intervir' ' , qui will know to search the extension of ' ' necessrio' '. It is certain that the magnanimous devices corroborate so that the State intervenes, minimum, are clearly, in the economic order. But it is certain, also, that the half interpretativos, such as the analogy and the teleologia, are tracks that can lead this Maria Smoke for diverse ways, to the bel pleasure of the conductors. To operate to the light of article 173 of the Constitution is to have the assent to act its proper prerogatives in accordance with, a time that is not easy to tipificar what he would be ' ' excellent interest coletivo' ' , of the caption of the related article, which is: ' ' Excepted the cases foreseen in this Constitution, the direct exploration of economic activity for the State alone it will be allowed when necessary to the imperatives of the national security or the excellent collective interest, as defined in lei.' ' The interpretation, or better, the interpreter makes the party! Because not to collect in face of the project? Because not to collect in virtue of the improvement of project B? However, they are taxes to be able to accomplish what it is foreseen in the Constitution. However, it is an interference that objective to satisfy the excellent interest collective.

The image, presented as study object, is the sketch of the extremities of the intervention of the State in the economy. In the one, interference in the private economy it is so great that the suplication for an end is more than what ftica. In another one, the interference is so favorable that not awaken concerns. Attempting against it the paragraph 4, of the very same article, we verify that: ' ' The law will restrain the abuse of the economic power that it aims at to the domination of the markets, the elimination of the competition and the arbitrary increase of lucros.' ' To arrive at the conclusion of that the intervention of the State in the economy alone has solid endorsement when this to objectify the levelling of the Market so is complicated?

Sustainable Economy

Is as if the man was tirandoa cover of the part north of the planet, affirms professor Peter Wadhams. PROPOSTAOUSADA Substance of the State agency, published noportal, in 23/11, informs that, beyond the voluntary goal dereduo of the emissions of effect gases greenhouse between 36,1% and 38,9% up to 2020, oBrasil one will take another one trunfo for the COP15. The government will present one percentualabaixo of 5% in the emission of gases for the deforestation of the Amaznia in aototal relation emitted by the country (…). The fall of the resultant emissions of it deforests dAmaznia in relation to the total of the country must it the reduction of the deforestation nosltimos four years. the proposals and examples of Brazil are emsintonia with seeming of the secretary-executive of the Convention of the Climate of the NaesUnidas, Yvo de Boer, of that does not have plan B for Copenhagen. only has a plan wants to A.E to say It action. How thus either! ECOEFICINCIAECONMICA Very still remains to be made to diminish oimpacto of the activities human beings in the environment, give birth passu to the search of methods of sustainable growth daeconomia. The last natural catastrophes and its funestas consequnciastrouxeram a message: the ambient question became economic subject.

In deposition to the Current program Conta, of the News Globe, Combed Hugo economist alerted for fatode that, until the present, no model of the economists recognizes aimportncia of the ecological services, of the resources of the Nature for the processoeconmico. Then a new mensurao would reflect the contribution of the planet. Still more important it is the form for which these services will go to remain numlongo stated period, because it is this that is in game today. Great part of the services quesustentam all the life in the Land, also the proper economy, is threatened. Everything this in them makes lembraro that affirmed Jesus regarding a great tribulao as never had nemjamais will happen again (Evangelho Mateus consonant, 24:21). The science andapreocupada with such possibility. Cost, therefore, not to think about the word of the Master, without preconceptions or taboos.