Social Work

The objective of the opportune treatment in these patients consists of avoiding the presentation of the effects before mentioned. Pursuit: Once carried out the diagnstico of DMG, the patient hrs after foods is watched every 2 weeks in the external consultation of our hospital by means of the determination of glucose levels in blood as much in fasting as 2, since it has demonstrated that it is this last main cause of the fetal complications, and in each visit data like the arterial pressure, increase of weight, attachment to the nutritional handling etc. are registered. All the patients are invited to enter the Group of Self-help and Automatic control of the diabetes in the pregnancy, that besides being an educative Program, allows us in the form of interactive factories to affect the techniques of application of the insulin, the emotional, medical factors or of another nature which they are participating negatively in obtaining necessary the optimal control in the gestation, as well as to serve as vehicle of integration to the patient with its family and other people who are happening through his same situation. This group counts on participation of the medical and paramedical personnel of the services of Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Nutriologa, Psychology, Infirmary and Social Work. The pursuit you drink of them is carried out in the service of Perinatologa, where, as of the 28 weeks of pregnancy, the future mother is mentioned 2 times per week for the accomplishment of Pruebas Sin Stress (PSS); that they have the aim to opportunely discard or to detect data of Fetal Suffering. Treatment: According to the present medical criteria, the objective of the treatment in the pregnancy, is to have the levels of glucaemia in fasting inferiors or 95 equals to mg/dl and the posprandiales (after foods) of 2 hrs. inferiors or equals to 120 mgs /dl.

Cracking The Connection Code: Networking For Education

We’ve all heard before: “Just get out there and network!” If it were that easy, we’d be doing. So why is it so difficult? Well, you’re an introvert, right? Enough said. However, unless the prospect of a lengthy job search excites you, you have to go out there and connect with people who do not know, but who may benefit from your experience. Here are a dozen tips to help you crack the code of connection. 1. Assist with one purpose in mind. Be selective with the events to attend. Pick the ones that interest you most.

It could be a ribbon cutting for a new business, a mixing chamber of commerce, the benefit SPCA, or pink slip party. 2. Take a friend. Make a game of it. Challenge to beat the winner objectives established for the treatment of ice cream.

3. Plan ahead. Set a goal of building networks to talk to at least five people and collect business cards of three individuals in your industry, profession or career interest. 4. Divided. Rule # 1 is you can not talk to your partner network until you have reached the targets it has set for itself. That means you can not sit with each other, hang around the dinner table together or are attached to the break room. However, you can smile encouraging the room. 5. Surprise, it is not you! Come to someone who does not know. Ask the other person a question of openness. It can be as simple as: “What made you decide to participate in tonight?”, “What brings you to this meeting?”, “Do you go often?”, Or “What kind of work do you do?

Dialogues Holistic Spirituality

On the path of freedom Introduction. This work is not a finished text and meant to be a poor interpretation of the dialogues that Dr Ramon Gallegos Nava had with a holistic world personalities in an international environment, where different points of view converge with its own nuances and elements are incorporated in this task of constructing different ways of thinking and reasoning to come to raise concrete actions are aimed at finding the harmony between human beings and their environment. It is moreover interesting as holism is so vast and inclusive that sees things from a global view ratatouille analyzing the individual as a being with a conscience traspersonal integral and another vision of the world and universe. As Richard Fuller said entering and into the holistic education is to leave the darkness and into light. Holism is based on spirituality seen not as a religious aspect but as an internal process of inquiry autoconocimieto search of reality. Holism to be inclusive covering all areas of knowledge looking in all the harmony and this is where education plays an important role as viewed from a universal foresight that sees man as a spiritual individual and integral consciousness. Today our society is undergoing a series of problems that have affected the integrity of human beings and the deterioration of the environment, problems such as drug addiction, sex, violence, family breakdown etc. They have contributed greatly, but some people point to education as the cause and corrective. The Art of Teaching is a noble art, but in turn complex as described by Fernando Savater.