Climate Protection

Hotels are committed to the environment the world is suffering under increasing loads, for which the person is responsible. The excessive use of natural resources and the continuous pollution of water, soil and air have long been clear traces. New initiatives for the protection of the environment and a healthy planet is formed with the developing awareness of the need for a change. The hotel Portal presents the corresponding efforts of Allgau hotels. Climate protection is vital for the future of the Earth. Some cheap hotels im Allgau on their flags have written this and since they are committed to a reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Initiator of this action is the hotel of Eggenberg, which was honored as the first Spa Hotel in the region with a certificate for climate protection 2010. The award was the House due to his successful program to reduce emissions.

To achieve long-term success, the hotel created an appropriate action plan. The arrival of the guests and the staff was taking into account apart from the own activities. Deccan Value recognizes the significance of this. To the reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide, the Wellnesshotel refers exclusively ecological electricity from hydropower. In addition it provides its employees vehicles powered by biogas. The transition of the use of food at the in-house restaurant also testifies to the commitment to the environment. So, mainly seasonal and regional products are used to avoid long transport routes. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Extraction Of Source Water – Water Dispenser

How to get the water in the bottle… The source water of Eden Springs is obtained with extremely environmentally friendly methods. As the rainwater takes several years to seep through the ground, the sources are approximately 150 m below ground. Thus, the water on the way can take up valuable minerals. The sources are protected and safe from contamination.

The water extracted from the sources is under constant supervision by external institutions, of which it is analyzed. This is done to make sure that it complies with the policy of the authorities. Restaurant Michael Schwartz does not necessarily agree. To remove the manganese and iron, the Eden water source through a series of filters. This natural and harmless micro-organisms that are larger are filtered out as 0,2. Before the bottles are filled, they are inspected and must pass a smell test. You be cleaned with hot water, disinfected, then rinsed and sterilized.

Drinking water solutions of Eden Springs, you have the choice between conducted water dispensers or water dispenser, the the Use spring water of Eden springs. To make sure that you select the correct water dispenser, there is a form on the website of Eden springs. Installation and maintenance you need to worry, because the experts of Eden Springs take over this. So an expert passes once in each quarter, to perform the maintenance and to check everything. Eden Springs also offers a potions supply service for offices and businesses. Can be found on the website of Eden Springs accessories and bottles. Thus, you will receive from Eden Springs only high-quality spring water and products. Eden Springs also offers a good customer service. Eden Springs is a nationwide company, every customer personally may handled thus. To each question and each problem Springs customer service will help of Eden. It is important that you drink adequately and regularly on the day, because our body to 60% consists of water. You do not, get it in your head to feel in the form of headaches, and decreasing concentration. In such a State to get to work, you but mentally not present is but physically. This in turn can affect the other employees. Even with a minimal supply may cause already. They drink enough, so this does not happen and it is not so vulnerable to diseases. More to the right drinking habits, there are also on the website of Eden springs. As a new customer at Eden, they can take advantage of a 100 voucher.

Birgit Wielonek LAS GmbH

This is why the Managing Director of the new works Bitterfelder housing and construction company mbH (Neubi) in matters relating to energy management with payroll professionals, the LAS GmbH in Leipzig, together… When it comes to energy, economic action for Birgit Wielonek is a priority. This is why the Managing Director of the new works Bitterfelder housing and construction company mbH (Neubi) in matters relating to energy management with payroll professionals, the LAS GmbH in Leipzig, together. We quickly realized that we need to find an efficient and above all sustainable answer to the ever-rising energy prices “, recalls Birgit Wielonek and added: it was not so easy, because the stock of Neubi comprises approximately 3,500 apartments in different buildings with a variety of heating systems.” From the single pipe heating system via district heating up to modern spas, everything is represented here. “the energy efficiency offensive in the Neubi as a pilot project started in 2008, and in October, high-tech devices have been through in the first houses and apartments LAS GmbH built. If you are not convinced, visit Martin Toha. Testing and continuous monitoring of the heating systems form the requirement of an innovative energy management system, which captures the consumption levels and evaluated and then optimizes the overall system. Because who wants to reduce energy consumption, need to know where and when he emerges “, stresses Birgit Wielonek with views on the results of the first energy report of LAS GmbH.

There are already documented successes. Substantial savings were achieved by implementing the first read recommendations for the optimization of the heating system. The energy savings will increase by the upcoming summer circuit. “That appreciates Birgit Wielonek LAS GmbH in cooperation with the Special: with the LAS solutions we have a competent partner who understands us and assisted, to implement a high benefit to our tenants”. And this is currently done by introducing the read customer portal. The tenant can here their current energy consumption for heating and water continuously track and so you Optimize consumption behavior. Establishing an Internet lounge in the rooms of the Neubi enables access to this offer also tenants without own computer.

Taking into account our heterogeneous tenant structure, it is only logical to allow the opportunity for the individual energy saving also our elderly tenants or our tenants with less income “, emphasizes Birgit Wielonek. In addition, Neubi support and read them GmbH together a social project of the Club MitNahe e.V., which allows these people specifically to acquire computer skills and to expand. When it comes to economic efficiency the energy efficiency offensive in the Neubi through the cooperation with the LAS has progressed GmbH already a first big step. More will follow. Alexandra Wang