That is, failing a thing, he occurs to another one. Sad, not? if I will not have more faith to believe that God can open the Sea, and that It can make to-somente me to walk for on waters, as for It had some difficult thing, or a thing was more easy to carry through of what to another one? Equally sad! ‘ ‘ It has, porventura, some difficult thing the Mr.? ‘ ‘ , the proper Gentleman asks to us, in Gn.18: 14. Jeremias Prophet, representing all the legitimate believers, answers that not (Jr.32: 17); I, particularly, am with Jeremias in this reply. JESUS, IN YOURS PRESENCE (TO ONLY ADORE YOU TO PRA): ‘ ‘ To adore pra you,/and to make your great name,/and only to give the louvor to you that must,/We are we here ‘ ‘ The Dictionary presents us many meanings verb TO MAKE it. To give existence or forms; to create; to construct; to build; to manufacture; to manufacture they are only some of them. The song says: ‘ ‘ TO MAKE your great name ‘ ‘ Exists the possibility of somebody to make the Name Mr. great Deus? That is, as if the Name of it he was not great, he still did not exist as great, and then to give existence or forms to the Name Mr. I eat great? To create the Name Mr., only now great? He is possible? ‘ ‘ To the Law and the Certification! ‘ ‘ (Is.8: 20) Let us see if the Name Mr. Deus already is great, or if it has the necessity of somebody to make it great: It, YAHWEH GOD, say exactly of itself: ‘ ‘ But since the spring of the sun until the west MY NAME IS GREAT BETWEEN the NATIONS; in all place if offers to my Name incense, and a pure oblation; because MY NAME IT IS GREAT between the nations, says you of exrcitos.’ ‘ (Ml.1: 11); ‘ ‘ I will santificarei my GREAT NAME, ‘ ‘ (Ez.

One Company

This lets see to us that he is not killer serial, is not professional assassin. police it did not do but that to ask to him tests of atomic absorption already that same it said it wanted to collaborate to the elucidation of the crime and Lizano, could not refuse. If towards, it was established that something wanted hide-and-seek. Like tests they delay some days it stops his result, after to be put under the test I am useful to flee. The examination I throw like result: positive. Orlando Lizano did firings with firearm, were assassin of its pregnant pair. assassin serial she is a person who kills repeatedly and manages to commit more than 3 deaths, operates generally individually, whenever bush to a single person does, is somebody that usually does not have some bond with victim and that does at diverse moments, happening through pauses or intervals of " " enfriamiento" ".

They act like predators, they watch, they approach and they kill. I knew it does 20 years to youngster to who they called Niuska. it dealed with a boy of 19 years, provincial, thin, who towards cleaning of an office in Santa Catherine. It was boy who he worked for a company of security in workings of cleanliness and maintenance, but that besides when in when it supported working like watchman. company it sent it to cover vacancies, taking care of residences in the Casuarinas, even the one of family Nicollini. One night memory I am in the premises of company with other watchmen who were in cabin, and they drank abundant liquor, being in state of violet intoxication repeated times by the watchmen. Three years I found later it trying to work in Cosapi, was in the door wanting presenting/displaying its papers.

Religious Commerce

Being thus it is a duty ours not to accept that in full century XXI it has any type of preconception, to expand the message that the religious intolerncia must be extirpada, be expurgada and be banished of our world, therefore is by means of this same intolerncia that many are private to live deeply God of the best form that to aprouver to them, therefore when saying that my religious truth is absolute I deny the truth of another religion and as we have seen this to happen unhappyly, therefore they make of God a lucrative religious commerce, in a disloyal dispute for the power of conquest of the mind of the people. God does not have to be disputed and yes multiplied, therefore we donate the more It through our virtuous actions, plus it if he multiplies in our way. All religion is good and a way that leads to the God and in truth does not exist fight between religion, exists yes priests who want to impose its relative truths and its personal desires as if this was the absolute truth and the will of God. All religion is abstract and it is materialize and only it assumed form that the priest and its fidiciary office it donates, and in this aspect we can say with pride who the Umbanda is the respeitadora religion most tolerant and of the rights and religious forms of cult to the God, therefore sees in all the too much religions not an enemy who will go to take it fidiciary offices and yes different ways that lead to one same intention that are God, even so unhappyly the Religion of Umbanda also either that more it suffers to preconception from its sisters religions, patience. patience is what not in the lack, therefore I say with much pride that if in the Umbanda this banished all and any type of preconception is because we Umbandistas, even so suffers preconceptions does not have it stops with nothing or nobody, therefore in our soul already this based and seated that we are parts of the all that he is God and that if we are part of God, all the religions are half of enxergar and to live deeply God, It yes is the vision and the divine experience of all they. SARAV UMBANDA