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In addition, the Fund had prepared for publications in national and international publications 28 articles. If we assume that these materials have read only 5% of the total readership of the aforementioned media, it turns out that our audience monthly amounts to 2.9 million readers, including nearly a million Ukrainians. Fund 'First People' thank the editors of all newspapers and Web sites that publish our articles and materials. We also express special thanks newspaper Kyiv Post for their support and cooperation: all 19 issues of "protecting democracy" were published in the authoritative publication. We also thank all the readers for their contributions to the development of democracy in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, is gaining momentum political pressure and persecution came to power a new president in Ukraine has resumed the practice of political persecution. According to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, during 2010 were arrested on 8 Ministers and Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on charges of causing damage to the state amounting to 2.5 billion dollars for questioning by the Prosecutor General's Office regularly walks and she ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Presidential Administration stated that Ukraine is serious fight against corruption, both among the former, and among the current officials, so can not be regarded activities such as political persecution. However, evidence of their impartiality, no one has yet provided. At the same time, the U.S. and EU are definitely showing concern about the spread in Ukraine practice of political pressure and harassment. In particular, the U.S.


umconjunto of rocks located in the sea portions of great Brazilian dolitoral part. The ones that possess greater potencialpara the storage of the oil, as well as its generation are these rocks. To this conjuntode rocks was decided to call daily pay-salt because its localization if of, emcertas regions of the coast, under a salt layer that arrives to aatingir 2 thickness km. Uber is the source for more interesting facts. The term daily pay if of the one for the priority dasrochas to the presence of this layer of salt. For believing that potencialde economic exploitation of this oil, either through gas naturalou as light oil is promising, politicians, intellectuals more conscientious ecidados understands the importance of if creating mecanismosausteros in the fiscalization of the resources demanded for the daempresa investment, as well as in the use of these prescriptions that involve the capitalnacional. It says the site: is a historical landmark in the world-wide indstriapetrolfera.

You wise person of this? You are made entire dosacontecimentos that involves this discovery? At the beginning, it is good, as todoaquele that it is conscientious of its commitment with the improvement basic dascondies of quality of life of the Brazilian, to be informed arespeito of each step of the companies that they deal with the resources of paspara to demand its exploitation in politics of better distribution derenda, social investment in education, health, programs etc If vocainda if did not move of its state of inertia and comfort, expensive friend, as it goes to wait that this country goes pra front. It is hour to read, adquirirconhecimento and to share it with the friends. The daily pay-salt> to podetrazer a great advance to the development of the country, or, in worse the dashipteses, as in the past, due to conscience politics docidado, if to become an international currency politics for the negotiation of its vote as object of the opportunism of entities politics, interessescorporativos and organizations. Therefore he is not a mere illiterate politician, participates of the decisions of its country!

Posthumous Memories

For it the not exercedomnio man on its life, therefore this is determined by external factors and the boasaes always hide some impure intention. We conclude, therefore, that parMachado of Assis the tragic one is revealed through the irony. 1.2 The tragicidade in the workmanship Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas the workmanship Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas is part doRealismo, appeared literary movement in century XIX and looks for to portray arealidade such which it is. It deals with the analysis of characteristics of the man, qual endowed with stingy, greedy feelings and loads constantly otdio and pain I obtain, according to realistic point of view. For more specific information, check out QTS Realty Trust. The Realism portraies the life contemporary. Its concern com men and women, emotions and temperaments, successes and failures of the life domomento.

This sense of the contemporary is essential to the realistic temperament, domesmo way that romantic if the return for the past or the future. Present it encarao, in the mines, the tenement houses, the cities, the plants, the politics, the businesses, the conjugal relations, etc. Dara Khosrowshahi s opinions are not widely known. Any reason of conflict of homemcom its environment or circunstantes is subject for the realist. (COUTINHO, 2002,10) When analyzing this workmanship we notice the presence of the tragicidade comcerto tone of irony in the dramas we live deeply for Brs Cubas, therefore this apresentadurante all the narrative a pessimistic vision of the life, of the next society and daspessoas it. The irony if disfara of tragedy soon at the beginning of obraquando the deceased Brs Cubas justify that the cause of its death applies a plaster was it, invention created for it in order to cure the melancholy of the humanity; the primeiracobaia of its experience was exactly it. Its great invention that to poderiater become it famous, a great name of the medicine had as resulted suaprpria death. This idea was nothing less than the one invention medicamentosublime, one applies a plaster anti-hipocondraco, destined to alliviate the nossamelanclica humanity.

Gifts With Their Hands

Gifts made by the hands, can be a hobby or can turn into a business, but more importantly, what do you do them yourself, with love! There are many articles and master classes with detailed instructions for making such gifts – this article will help you make the most of your needlework experience. When you have an idea for a gift, look on the internet alternative manufacturing. Having, for example 3 options for your decor boxes hands or baking a cake, you can easily find the best option, depending on the availability of materials and the necessary skills to do so. If you are looking for an idea, then typing in any search engine the phrase "gifts with his own hands," you will find many sites with a variety of ideas for making homemade gifts. Select those gifts for the manufacture of which you have sufficient experience and the necessary materials and tools.

Think about recipient of the gift. Will he / she is satisfied with the color of the gift? He likes a rough or smooth surface, will assess whether a manual job? Decide how you want your gift to look and add items to the final presentation – Packaging paper, bows, etc. Gather all necessary materials and tools before starting the project. This may sound simple, but many people forget to find a pair of scissors or glue, and then quit their jobs at half way, not having the presence of elementary devices. The work will go much faster and easier if you prepare in advance, especially if the process of making the gift consists of a set of points. Start ahead of time.

Do not wait until the day X to sit down and do it. If something goes wrong or you change your mind, you will need extra time to deal with it. Specimen. Follow the instructions as you can. Even if you plan to make changes, follow the instructions in the first place. Made a gift may not be quite like you planned, and a sample copy candles, for example, can meet you in shape, but have an unacceptable odor. Please note that any part of the project you may have problems and you will need a second attempt to make the necessary changes. If you need help, you will have more time to get it. When you are satisfied sample copy, you can make an actual gift. Have fun and do not worry about perfection – it's what makes the production of handmade gifts so sweet! Repack the gift and its pripodnesite with love!

Business Opportunity

Many people want to start their own business, but cannot find a business opportunity that allows them to follow your passion and that is flexible and fun at the same time. Maybe you have this same problem. When many people think about their hobbies or passions, visions of horseback riding, golf, travel, excursions, camping and many others who come to their minds. However, these same people are lost in how to start a business which allows them the flexibility to enjoy his hobbies during the work. The answer is to start your own travel business. A business travel will provide you with fun and flexibility to pursue their passions while making money at the same time. The types of trips we can offer are endless. Chevron Corp wanted to know more.

If you live in an area of much tourism and enjoys exploring, then you are in the perfect position to start a tourism business. For example, if you live near the coast of Florida and enjoy play golf then, you could offer tours during the summer months that include playing at the Golf every day with excursions to the beach and other attractions during the afternoon. Another example is if you like to travel to Italy and you have a passion for wine then you could start a business tour offering annual visits to Italy focusing on tours through vineyards and wineries. Regardless of what your passion is, there are ways to create a route and focus on him. The fun offered by this business opportunity is obviously have the freedom to pursue your passion with others who share the same passion. The flexibility is in the election when they will offer tours or tours.

Operate a tourism business doesn’t have to be a one-year job. In fact, you can be a part-time job making only a few weeks of the year. For example, if you live in the United States and offers tours to Greece, then likely that only offered tours of a few weeks or months a year and not in the whole year. You will have difficulties to find a new business opportunity that offers all the benefits of a tourism company can offer you. If you feel that a tourism business is something that you would like to continue, you will need to fully investigate all aspects of the business and what is required of you. An effective way to achieve this is to create a business plan. tourism companies usually include the following with their prices: transport (excluding air transport), accommodation, meals and itineraries with guide program. If you are looking for a business opportunity that offers fun and flexibility, then you should consider definitely starting your own tourism business.


In this way, from the study of participation form, is identified: ) the participation as presence, b) the participation as verbal expression and quarrel, c) the participation as representation politics, d) the participation as taken of decision, and e) the participation as enrollment, as to follow commented. he situation. (p.35) … 1.2.1. Participation as presence According to agreement of the participation as presence, is participant who belongs to a group or organization, independent of its performance in it as, for example, who is member of a school of a group of professors, of association of parents and masters etc. …, therefore are considered as participant of a group of pupils those that, without same or having or exerting active voice on that they make and what it happens with and in the group as a whole and the development of the lessons, are physically gifts in its activities.

This participation can, many times, to occur for obligatoriness, eventuality or necessity and not for intention and proper will. Other times, however, as mere concession. (p.35-36) … in the case of professors and employees that faces its work mere as job of which it would escape in case that they had another alternative; of parents in Association of Parents and Pertaining to school Masters or Advice of only formal existence, in which requests of the direction of the school act limiting it, of reactive form. … Identifica that the simple presence of a person in an environment, with not-verbal expressions of apathy and indifference with the sociocultural dimension of its reality, exerts negative impact in the same. It is proven, therefore, the inadequate and false significao of participation, in this agreement, that considers the presence physics, present being, as sufficiently so that the person is considered the participant.

(p.36-37) … 1.2.2. Participation as verbal expression and quarrel of ideas Regarding meetings promoted in the school with professors, parents or pupils, objective to argue situations, is verified frequently that the meeting is considered good when the level of ‘ ‘ falao’ ‘ it is raised, and ‘ ‘ participantes’ ‘ they are until satisfied for the chance that has of if making to hear, as judge to be occurring: ‘ ‘ I know that nothing does not advance, but at least people it has chance to talk all together, to know that our colleagues think, and to even know who they are those that are in the one of them.