Before Buying

The name of the dominion, its relation with the contents, influences in the possibilities of its positioning, that affirmation seems to be everything beyond all doubt, has been admitted in the majority of forums CATHEDRAL. Nevertheless, sometimes, webmasters we reflected on a new dominion, we looked for new, variant alternatives of the word, and in a while determined when we found a word, a combination apt for the positioning, we felt happy we bought and it. Approximately a year ago I found a dominion free, a word that liked, that she understood I would be easy to position, to obtain it is being everything a challenge. It has always worked well for searches in MSN and Yahoo, but in Google, everything was problems. It took almost three months in admitting his discharge, did not obtain it recognized that it, consulted to Google, to Adsense, did not obtain answers. It consulted with colleagues in CATHEDRAL, but there was no form to find the problem. D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>אילן בן דב to learn more. It was not in sandbox, that ” tericamente” it only supposes the penalty for searches concrete, it is that it was not nor the index. The peculiar thing is that the site that contained east dominion, gave good results, obtained visits, gave income in Ads, but there was no form of which it appeared listing in Google. related pages.

After near 5 months it began to show connections in the results of Google, with the Google Toolbar, but it followed without being indexed in the finder. 4As I have been, this dominion, Google and, fought more than half year. Finally the site appeared listing, left in the index of the finder and everything seemed resolute. I say seemed resolute because its positioning in Google for certain key words, some keys, follows without giving the desired results. It was in feared sandbox? Sincerely I believe that no, because occasionally it showed suitable results although it was positioned bad, in spite of to have applied to all the well-known techniques CATHEDRAL to him. Suddenly, accidentally, visiting this connection discovered the problem of the dominion, I acquired I it in 2006, being free, but that dominion had been active from 2003 and to half-full of 2005, they know where? , parked, it had been bought and parked. All we know that parking a dominion generates problems for its indexing, and to greater parked time majors positioning difficulties. So before buying a dominion it visits the connection that I recommended to him before and verifies that its dominion is really new and been has not parked, will save time and efforts of positioning, INSURANCE.