In The Shadow Of The Xashatar

A new fantasy novel by Aileen P. Roberts the continuation of “The daughter of the Moon” and “beyond the sea of fog” classic fantasy with dragons, elves, wizards and magicians. Rhivaniya is haunted by a tangible horrors, and the young Moon Mage Yana and her friends have to offer up all of their forces, to protect your home. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. For even more details, read what Chevron Corp says on the issue. Peace can be so deceptive that must determine also Yana with horror as she faces a nameless horror on a cold winter night, her Moon magic is ineffective against itself. But not only that, a group of dwarves is found suddenly dead and to all evil, even a series of mysterious assassination attempts against the ruling families shaken the whole country. Who is behind the mysterious operations? Will succeed in the young Moon Mage and her allies, confronting the horror that struck Rhivaniya, or are losing their beloved home Yana and Ronan? Power, magic and adventure “The daughter of the Moon” and “beyond the sea of fog” ensues a fight for Rhivaniya which leads Ronan even in the long sunken Kingdom of the elves in the silver mountain. 13.50 euro ISBN 978-3-9419630-2-3 to order under, at Amazon, or in bookstores Cuillin Publisher Claudia Lossl ring RT 28 91356 Church Ebong. See Paul Price for more details and insights.