‘Park & energy’ hotels, cafes and restaurants to increase sales and offer a special service for cyclists with electric bikes at the same time. On well-known cycling trails, they are soon to see. Spring bike racks with receptacles on the market come in Germany for the first time. The portal has become the new development looked at and tested. Conclusion: Will benefit both owners of electric bicycles as also restaurateurs. One can recharge the battery for free, the other win new customers. The market for electric bicycles is booming. More than 120,000 copies were sold in the year 2009 alone.

Companies that do something for the ever growing group of E-bikers improve their image, are called positive and active in the media and can increase the sales at the same time. For example, with a bicycle stand, which can be connected to the electric bike and recharge the empty battery at the same time. This newly developed bike rack outlet are also Park & energy “called seats. Owners of electric bikes on cycling specifically addressed such places, avoid but the stop of the engine on the return journey. Cafes, restaurants and hotels make for benefit and increase sales by setting up Park & energy places. In an hour, which on average takes the charge of a dead battery, the cyclists consumed an afternoon coffee, a fitness salad or dinner comfortably. Thereby the handling of the bicycle rack and the socket is easy and secure.

It needs to be explained anything awkward. Simply connect the bike and plug in the connector. Already, the battery is charged. Problems with different types of sockets, in electric cars, is here not there. Restaurants do so not only for regulars, but gaining new guests. Because of the great service, cyclists with safety will report friends and acquaintances. The media reports on the new concept of Park & energy have announced for the spring and summer. Electric mobility is one of the trends 2010 and clearly positive occupied. While the investment costs for the pure bicycle stand close, calculated on the storing and recharging of electric two-wheeled, a low triple-digit amount. The bicycle rack must be properly connected after putting up only by an electrician. You’re ready to go. Running costs then move per load in the single-digit cents range. Experiences from the Netherlands, where the bike racks will be installed a few weeks ago, already show a clear positive response. Already, despite the winter time, there are times where cyclists have to wait a short moment to become free of the bicycle rack and the wall socket. For the restaurateur, not necessarily negative, increases but so the length of stay of guests. The portal of bike garages at has put together more information.