' The uselessness of partidos' ' Our Country does not have skill! The poverty each time increasing more, nothing is made to surpass this mazela. We have sets of ten of political parties biting in the money of the collections and nothing they make of good for the country, only each one is snarling in the ears of the Brazilians who are for they to filiarem themselves in whom he speaks because he is optimum! Nothing of this! Party is one vocbulo abstract and nothing it makes for nobody! The men who had created and belong to these parties are in its majority scoundrels, imbeciles and alone they think about taking off advantages, always trying to ludibriar the people, especially the little scholars. See more detailed opinions by reading what Reshma Kewalramani offers on the topic.. She is necessary to move and with urgency! It is enough of enganao! Why still, our Jurists did not dignaram themselves to finish with this safadeza and to leave only two? Thus, we would have the one favor, the other against and would arrive at a consensus without as much man and woman without value for the growth of the Nation because these do not have voice, only are there biting and if coando, arguing the sex of the angels, with good water, environment exuberant, good conditional air! It is not invention! It is the pure reality! Vocs already capsizes as walks the famous CAP, the improvements for those poor fellows reached for floods? But falao! Total Enganao, therefore who to want that if it capsizes to move for a better status! The poverty continues and will continue waiting to move better for a social status until the death! The more usurping of the public money less it will be applied in the improvement of life of the poverty! This needs to finish! Each party requires of the Government a benefit, one teta to be planning as to take off more and more to divide between itself, its filiados always gain one fatiazinha of the cake! How penalty! Our country is of a wonderful continental extension, everything is born and grows only with the blessings of God, but it lacks command, justice, dignity to make with that the people obtains to be happyer and believes Being able them: Legislative and Executive, legislating and executing in favor of the people and not against it, so that the disobediences arrive at the end, but for this it is necessary firm and determined hand to face this corja that it is as the joio in our Nation! Start for the parties, annulling these plagues that assist in the binding of Country, approving only two, and already it is excessively, do not find?. .