Banjo-megawatt Assumes Full Supply For Wood-heating Plant In Heidelberg

The banjo-megawatt GmbH has concluded with the A & S energy, a 5-year contract nature energy, a subsidiary of the Mannheim energy company MVV. Gain insight and clarity with view website. . The banjo-megawatt GmbH has concluded with the A & S energy, a 5-year contract over the full supply of wood thermal power station in Heidelberg natural energy, a subsidiary of the Mannheim energy company MVV. Thus, the company headquartered in Fischerhude guarantees an annual delivery of 60 000 tonnes of wood for the thermal utilisation. We will deliver weekly around 1 200 tons of wood in Heidelberg”, explains Arnd Bruning, Managing Director of Banjo-megawatt GmbH and is looking forward to working with the new major customers. For burning at the site of Heidelberg, wood was provided in the form of geschredderter and chopped which 2012 is equivalent to the remuneration levels I and II of the EEG. We mainly involve suppliers from a radius of about 75 km to the power station and work closely with regional hack company”, so banjo next. Our plan is to of the 60 000 tonnes of agreed total of delivery, to provide 5% of usage material compensation class II (EEG 2012).” The banjo-megawatt GmbH is the largest German supplier of biomass. Currently oversees the company 9 power plants as sole supplier of raw materials and supplies than 120 power plants throughout Germany and Europe with subsets.

With a specially developed all-round carefree package”is the company able to vote every full supply concept individually on a power plant. Also a large network of suppliers and the close cooperation allow the reliable supply of raw materials with the in-house logistics, sufficient material for the combustion always exists at the power plants. The wood-heating plant of Stadtwerke Heidelberg will go in the autumn of 2013 on the network. With a capacity of 3 MW electrical and thermal, the plant produces 10.5 MW on average 24 000 MWh electricity for public power supply and 80 000 MWh heat, which are fed into the district heating network of Stadtwerke Heidelberg. Stadtwerke Heidelberg come Thus their goals to distribute only electricity without nuclear power by the year 2017, to expand the district heating, and to increase the share of renewable energies in the heating, much closer. Contact project manager Melanie Kaadekildeholm is in the House of Bruning-megawatt GmbH like available.

Call number 04293 78 Ms Kaadekildeholm 96-316 or by email at the BANJO I presented group the sole proprietorship Arnd Bruning E.k.. was founded in 1992 in Fischerhude near Bremen, Germany today as a banjo I group with the banjo Euromulch company, banjo-megawatt GmbH, banjo Logistics GmbH and the Bruning specials GmbH. As national and international development and provider, primarily the banjo group I with energy-supplying bulk raw materials from wood and Germany established itself as a market leader in the supply of Biomasse(heiz)kraftwerken. In addition, mulch and bark products include the great Product range, which is currently edited by over 90 employees. Further information is available at on the Internet.