You have heard speak to several times envelope that ” the money is in listas” and I believe that already you know that as well as the traffic, your hot list will be one of the bases of your business. But. You know like constructing it? First fundamental concept: The unique form of which you have a good list is The one that You construct to You yourself. One by one. It rejects any idea that you have in your head that is other people’s to this. I am speaking of a healthy list of prospectuses interested in your products or services.

Perhaps you are asking yourself: Because of a one? It is the form safer at least than I know, to be adding of a one, is that simple perhaps or you know another way better? if or, your you think that buying one it lists with 5000 members you advance long time and that or you have 5000 to who to sell . Ok, prubalo and you will see. Sabeas that means quality prospectuses? Any more i nothing less than ” potentials clientes” they are those to which really your products or services can interest them, the other, only do ” bulto” they only cause that your list grows, but Not that grows your sales. Little by little and to step it signs is constructed a list, soon you must create confidence with the members of the same to turn it into one ” good Lista” I am speaking of a tempting list substantial of that you can extract sales, and coverall, repetitions of sales. If the members of your list have allowed you that you accede to its post-office boxes when your bulletin or mini course subscribed to, you do not defraud them sending sweepings to them, respectful of the possibility that offered you.

You do not only send commercial proposals, remembers that they subscribed waiting for information, you must occur it. In order to create confidence it is necessary that you include in your site your name and direction and if you also can a telephone, you will have seen many that way that they promise wonders in his site and appears neither name nor direction and until there are some incomprehensibly not even have a contact form. You would put your credit card in a site of these characteristics? I believe that to make the things good she has been the same time that to make them bad, only that the result is different. Finally: To send messages, Opt-in-email, is when somebody ACCEPTS that you send emails to him with information; is to obtain its permission to be able to make these shipments, since without that permission, would be e-mails intrusive. The opposed thing to Opt-in-email is nothing else and nothing less than Spam. Being respectful with your shipments you gain the confidence vote and that will allow that you can remain in contact with your prospectuses during long time without Very many Luck appeals to the so lamentable option of to erase not to receive more!