Curtains – this is one of the most significant and very important element of the interior, which emphasize a particular style, designer's idea and create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. On the choice of curtains in interior design from ancient times indulged in a lot of attention. Nowadays there are new ideas and design decisions in the choice of materials, textures and types of decoration curtains all rooms apartment. One of the most important rooms in the house is a living, then there is a room in which to receive guests. And to follow its primary function, each room has interesting way of life is framed as itself a face of your home, it is your home, you and your interests. Curtains for the living room are selected with special attention, they give the interior a special beauty, perfection, filling the whole house warm and cozy atmosphere. Great importance when choosing curtains for the living room is the correct selection of materials and fabrics. If the interior of the living room curtains complemented by the classical style, preference is given to heavy and expensive fabrics: brocade, corduroy, wool, silk. If the choice fell on the curtains in a modern style hi-tech or minimalism, the preference for lightweight fabrics: silk, veil, etc. Thus, the curtains for the living room – a very important element in the interiors of the room. A related site: Rick Gerson mentions similar findings. In the living room we meet the guests gathered and all the rest family. So the choice of curtains for the living room should be approached responsibly.

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