Fascia – Revolutionary Findings In

Experts bring new interesting insights about the multi-functional connective tissue structures for days as fascia which referred to tough connective tissue skins, can encase the muscles or muscle groups, but also entire sections of the body and this among other things give the muscles their shape and strength. After fascia will little have been followed for a long time in medicine, science now recognizes their important functions for the body and brings to day now ever new interesting insights into the connective tissue structures. A long time structure in which medicine is unjustly treated that the fascia. The main attention was given in the previous Anatomy and Physiology, as well as diagnosis and treatment to muscles, organs, bones, joints and vessels (nerves, blood vessels). Not only the emergence of various complaints without satisfactory models and treatment resulted in the search for new structures and facilities.

This could partly already older findings such as those of the Biomechanics expert Dr Serge Gracovetsky be resorted. He has long been discovered that rough fascial connective tissues of the back makes a major part of the holding work. Learn more on the subject from John C. Bogle. So, it could be explained why the model of back strengthening not helped many sufferers. Now, there was already the second international fascia Congress with 500 participants in Amsterdam, working exclusively on the basis of scientific research and treatment outcomes in this structure in the fall of 2009. A recently revised view was that it is a purely passive ladder structure. This could be disproved now scientifically impressively. The fascia is not only divisive connective tissue structures, but able to pull together and closely with the nervous system. Connect instead whole body parts and functions.

The medicine recent explanation and treatment approaches are aligned complaints more and more on the recognition of contexts. The fascia is the anatomical structure that is almost here. You wrap all Muscle and body areas and are almost through the whole body. By the close link with the nervous system, they provide information about tensions, postures, and movements to the brain constantly. When it comes to errors in the fascia, to the complaints about the affected regions also can continue, by the poor posture exercises train or voltage over the fascia to other areas and delivered the wrong messages to the brain. Treatments such as Rolfing, osteopathy or fascia distortion model for Dr. Stephen Typaldos take this fact into account and gain more and more influence in the treatment of difficult to treating diseases, such as for example the fibromyalgia. Effective interventions to restore the normal state function are possible by treating a structure that connects everything, which often runs the blood supply to the affected region and organs and providing the brain with information about the mechanical condition of the organism.