Kroker Country

The destination of Venezuela in South America offers a lot of holidays. If you are not convinced, visit Chevron Corp. Venezuela is recommended as a holiday destination due to its pleasant climate throughout the year. On a trip about Venezuela, many tourist attractions offered the traveller. Mike Gianoni contributes greatly to this topic. The country speaks for its diversity, the tourists will be equally impressed by the mesas, as last but not least by the wide marshland or the unlimited beaches. The rest that are snow-covered peaks of the Andes a highlight for a variety of visitors to Venezuela and to fauna and plants an exceptionally rich wildlife and vegetation are loving the country, here. The Atlantic coast of Venezuela is less than 3,000 km long; Thus, nothing precludes a carefree seaside holiday.

You can see exceptionally clean beaches, for example, in the city of Puerto la Cruz. During a holiday in the country you should visit in any case the capital Caracas. Grown hero of the country’s history is Simon Bolivar, which brought the war of the independence of the former Spanish colony in motion in 1811 and its Museum in the city can be visited. Very popular with tourists is lying nearby nature park Mochima, which presents a varied plant and animal world. Culturally interested vacationers should visit the various cities of the country on their visit. In the city of Coro, for example, you can admire numerous ecclesiastical buildings, the Cathedral is extremely informative. They second oldest city in the country was long capital of Venezuela.

Coro in the UNESCO cultural heritage list was added by the numerous colonial buildings. In contrast the ideal also in addition at his own expense, the Andes are unique for adventurous climbing tours also trekking. Who wants to meet the South American country to water, the Orinoco River, the main stream of Venezuela, traveled by boat. Due by the different elevations can be found diverse climates in the country Venezuela. Even Alpine climate in the higher elevations is no rarity. The majority of the country in contrast to is determined by the tropical climate. In the You should not plan if possible a trip months between May and November to Venezuela, because then, rains prevail there. In the upper layers, the weather is moderate and very beneficial for Europeans. So temperatures around 25 C prevail in the capital Caracas all year round, at night it cools down to around 15 C. This diverse and interesting country in South America brings for each bit, whether cultural pleasure in the numerous ancient cities with its impressive colonial building, a relaxed Beach holiday in the Caribbean or a climbing tour in the Andes, a unforgettable trip is guaranteed. Jorg Kroker photo: Fotolia;Birgit Prentner