Nativity Scenes Are Still Today The Expression Of Christian Faith

Survey confirms: Nativity scenes are still today the expression of Christian faith. It is not only the force of habit or a really empty continuation of a centuries-old tradition: almost 50% of Germans make Nativity at Christmas time, because that is essential for them to live their Christian faith. This has resulted in a survey on the Status Quo of the Nativity tradition. n contributes greatly to this topic. But motivation that Nativity scene again to find are expected in this year in about half of German households are also shining child eyes or religious motivations untied contribution to a Christmas atmosphere in the living room. Rothberg family: the source for more info. The detailed results of the “Nativity”survey can be reached on the Internet at Nativity via the link “Results of the survey of the Nativity”. Some highlights are shown here. Not just a question of faith, but also of the confession to be Roman Catholic, respondents who indicated that one had to 70.6% Nativity scene set up, members of a Protestant religious community were significantly lower, also with 52.2%, slightly above the average. Easy connectivity: more people, more cribs! The finding that the proportion of households that make up a Nativity scene increases with the number of persons living in the household is not entirely surprising.

For 1-person households, just set up one-third of the surveyed nativities. However, three or more people in a household, live Nativity scenes are decorated in 60% of cases around the Christmas days. Children as cribs purchase decision makers? It is the family status also attributing to toying with what crib styles. The survey average, almost 55% of respondents prefer natural-looking, detailed Nativity figurines. Nurseries, as well as modern, stylized figures be referenced clearly places with 24% and 21% respectively. The families with children shows a slightly different picture. There the classical style favorite is approximately 48% also, but almost 40% of these respondents say nursery am most to.