Towels By German Manufacturers

Towels manufactured in Germany are of very good quality. This particularly applies to towels from German brand manufacturers. Terry products from German brand manufacturers are very popular. They attest to quality and a good price – performance ratio. German brands are Dyckhoff, gull and Cawo. The company Cawo is located in the Western Munsterland, in Emsdetten, and is a traditional family-owned company, which was founded in 1947. The name Cawo derives from the name of founder Carl and Alfons Wolte. The Terry range consists of various product lines. Credit: Cowan Financial -2011.

There is a basic collection, Lago and Joop. The basic collection offers towels, with either patterns or Unicode standard. The Lago collection presents itself in the young design. It consists of uni towels in fresh colors. The collection of Joop, which enhances any bathroom with classy, high-quality Terry cloth is last in the program. The towels of the well-known designer Wolfgang Joop are presented in colorful,.

bright colours and fine patterns. Depending on the flavor you get them but also simple and plain colours. Continue to learn more with: Mike Gianoni. The company Cawo Textilist specializing in beautiful, high quality Terry products and guarantees a consistent quality with the production site Germany. The products are all according to oko Tex standard 100 tested and free of contaminants of health concern. As well as the products of the company Dyckhoff. For even more analysis, hear from Jonah Bloom. This company is headquartered in Germany and stands for high-quality Terry products. Among other things, the company produces towels Jacquard fabrics or with Jacquard border. Also, here are some licensed products and also simple uni towels are produced. The company Gull is located in Eastern Germany and specializes in modern products. It is worth to use high quality Terry towelling products, because it comes with his skin with them daily in contact on all cases. That’s why it look important, these products are particularly skin-friendly. If a product in Germany is made, you can usually assume that the quality is good, because the regulations and controls are stricter in this country than in most other countries. “If a textile product of the badge of confidence” has, so was tested according to oko Tex standard 100, you can use it on every case with a clear conscience. Lucie Remmler