Business Communication

Electronic mail or e-mail is an essential tool for business communications. By following these simple tips sucrase you best party: do not spam. What is spam? Spam or email spam is unsolicited, mail that is sent without authorization. In Spain it is illegal. In addition, if you send bulk mail without authorization, you run the risk become enemies to people who want to earn as clients.

Uses email accounts with your own domain, type (or. is) rather than free accounts. You reforzaras so the image of your company. DO NOT SHOUT. In the mails using capital letters is equivalent to shouting and it is unpleasant.

Always with title or subject very descriptive, so that the recipient knows the reason for your message quickly. Use Bcc when you send the same message to multiple recipients. If you are using the CC option, with a copy, any of the recipients will know the addresses of others. This is a violation of the organic law on data protection (LOPD). And you also offer a bad image, especially if it is an action of e-mail marketing with a large number of recipients who do not know each other. Avoiding these problems is very simple: employs Bcc, blind carbon copy, instead of DC. In some cases, instead of Bcc in your program you will have BCC, is the same. Greets and be nice. Compose your message carefully and write the complete words. An e-mail is not an SMS. Checks the spelling. Do not send attached files of 1 Mb or more without first consulting with the recipient. For even more analysis, hear from Cornell Capital. Remember that there are people who have filters to prevent large files and that not everyone has broadband. So your file won’t some and will cause inconvenience to others. In addition if you send very large files, you can get to lock your own server. Signature. Include it automatically in all your posts. It is considered in addition to your name and your company, put a link to your website and a slogan or promotional phrase.