Creating Images For Mobile Phone

So, if we decided to undertake an independent selection design for the mobile, then we need to find something pleasing to the eye and soul. The easiest way to do it on the internet (use search engines, which Image Search is a service for web sites). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mike Gianoni. To work with images you can use the Adobe Photoshop. Of course, you can use any other program (Paint, Corel Draw, Painter, Fireworks), but using Photoshop with a picture can be very, very a lot. The first and most important – is the size of the image that will show off the phone. Many phones can automatically resize pictures, but some devices do not support this feature. Learn What is the size of the picture should be reading the specification of the phone, or simply copy to your computer one of the preset in the tube picture.

Here are the most popular screen resolution of mobile phones: 128×128, 128×160, 132×176, 176×208, 176×220, 240×320. With this important information, take the original file, and begin to create. After completing the 'draw' pictures for mobile phones, it must be stored in a format supported by your mobile device. Most modern mobile phones support the popular image formats such as GIF, JPEG, PNG. Once we have created a mobile image and saved it on your computer, we need to move it to the phone. To do this, connect your phone to computer. Connect the phone to the computer in various ways, using data-cable, infrared port, Bluetooth, it all depends on the technical capabilities of your phone. Now (after the picture was on the phone) you have left only to find this picture in my phone and set it as background (wallpaper) or screen saver.