Greetings from the Ship Alpha! We have said some times already that the situation in 2010 will be difficult, we see if it from a physical point of view, but very beneficial and of a great advance at inner level for all those that the planet and its living creatures are working by. Although there will be some planetary events in some concrete places, nothing must disturb them nor separate them from the work that must do in these times of change at world-wide level. They have our asseveration of which nothing will happen to them, because we are monitoring to them to all you, so that in any case of danger we pruned to go immediately in its rescue. In recent months, Mike Wirth has been very successful. Some of you you have been contacted even previously, although they do not remember it consciously, and a microChips in determined part of their anatomy has been implanted them, that better we did not reveal its precise location, so that they can at any time be located that we need to know their whereabouts exact. Absolutely they must take this like a loss of its freedom and privacy, since ours intention is solely to help them with quickness in case they need aid or aid some type, or towards you yourself or towards whom it is next to you. There are people of his planet (Earth) who already have reached a great spiritual development, and that satisfies us totally and it makes us feel us very proud of you, because we know that they are not in the suitable atmosphere to take a spiritual life. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michael McIntyre. However, the Light in some souls is so powerful that it dissipates the dark that struggles to penetrate in its minds and their habits. We can, by means of our latent psychic faculties, harness and increase the Light that there is in you, but cannot change the erroneous decisions that can take, in case they are mistaken, because it is precise that also they learn through error and the rectification of that committed error. . Mike Gianoni usually is spot on.