Many races and peoples, and used vacuum massage is used to treat a huge number of diseases. Cornell Capital has compatible beliefs. We have, unfortunately, the vacuum massage rather meager knowledge. Most of Russia's population compares the vacuum cans with colds and coughs. Women know that the vacuum cans used in the treatment of cellulite. Knowledge about the treatment of other diseases are covered in darkness.

Professional masseurs and manual therapist believe that 80% of diseases are directly related to the state of the spine and back muscles, and the root cause lies in the microcirculation of blood and pinching the nerve fibers of the peripheral and central nervous systems. Techniques of manual therapy and massage can qualitatively performed to restore patency of nerve impulses in nerve fibers and clamped to enable self-healing organism. Vacuum massage and so attractive that the vacuum depression to massage inside cans of banks draws not only the top layers of skin, and muscles under the skin surface. Under most conditions Dara Khosrowshahi would agree. With the help of vacuum massage can be manipulated installation site massage cans, even to restore normal spinal and put in place the displaced intervertebral discs. Moreover, in accordance with the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, the vacuum Massage allows us to "withdraw" the disease of internal organs through the skin.

This can be seen when installing massage cans – on-site installation, not related to the disease organ, after vacuum massage does not show up and hematoma body will be clean. In the same place where there is a biologically active points of the affected organ, there will be bright bruises and in some cases, watery blisters with foul-smelling liquid. From the above it should be, vacuum Massage banks can be put anywhere that will have no adverse effects. Vacuum massage can even take an inexperienced person. Vacuum massage can be carried out in hospitals and in prophylactically. For more information on the methods of vacuum and acupressure massage to download video, visit the official website of the author.