Average Product

For some people, a good value means a price, others low, however, is made use to pay more, contanto that they believe that they are getting a product/quality service. The politics of prices more used is the HILO, in reason of the Brazilian consumer to be much more susceptible the promotions perhaps of what to a promise or to the commitment of low prices every day, this situation can elapse of the fact of the last decades of high taxes of inflation to have propitiated the sprouting of an inflationary culture in the mind of the consumers, affecting its sensitivity the variations of price. Traditional theory of marketing praises that the price differs from the others three elements of the made up of marketing in the direction where it generates prescription and the others generate costs. Studies emphasize that the efficient way fastest and so that a company maximizes its profit is to start correctly fixing the price. In Brazil it was lived in a closed economy and with low competitiveness, until 1990 middle, the cost of the normally high product and with low level of technology: Average cost + profit edge = price of market of the product.

Currently with the open economy and the increase of the competitiveness the products are little more borrowed formadores of the price and of the market price. Being thus profit = market price? average cost. In an environment where the strategical planning is essential. Habitual prices: they are those settled by the habit, tradition, not objective psychology vain of the consumer and other ways. Random prices: they are fixed immediately below of a round number suggesting economy. To fix prices of sales we must take in consideration innumerable external factors, amongst which if they detach: – the structure of costs and expenditures of the company; – the level of carried through investment; – the general and functional objectives of the organization; – the waited demand of the product; – the capacity and the financial availability of the consumers; – the quality and the technology of the product offered in relation to the necessities of the buyer’s market.


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